Recessed layout for my kitchen

hobbesctFebruary 12, 2013

Hi all,

I'm trying to finalize the layout of the recessed lighting for my kitchen. Any feedback/help would be appreciated.

I plan on using 6-inch cans with Cree CR6 LED lighting. Over the sink will be a 4-inch can with a Cree CR4 (separately switched). There will be LED tape lighting under the cabinets. There are two pendants over the peninsula and a chandelier above the table.

The dimensions of the kitchen portion of the room (not including the eat-in area) are about 9 x 14. Ceilings are 8 feet high.

I have worked out two rough options. Option 1 has cans positioned in seemingly optimal locations, but if looks like it could be too much light. That is a lot of cans in a small space. But the lights will be on a dimmer so maybe it would not be an issue.

Option 2 has fewer cans, so maybe a more appropriate amount of lighting. Certainly it is a less cluttered ceiling. But the can locations do not seem to work as well and the spacing may be just a bit too far apart to get good even lighting.

I am open to any feedback, including modification to either of these two plans. Thanks.

- Mark

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Option 1 would be better. Is there a reason why the sink is not centered on the window like the light?

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The simple answer is that there is a dishwasher to the right of the sink, We didn't want to rework the layout for this remodel, as it works well for us and the off-center sink hasn't really bothered us.

Thanks for the feedback,

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I don't know if you will want a can above the range since you're vent should have a light...

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I'd take the one over the sink and the one to the left and center them over the sink and DW. Pull the pendants back a bit towards the wall and/or move them slightly farther apart to balance lighting the peninsula and balance with the chandelier. If you have a vent hood, it will probably both provide task lighting when cooking and block at least some of any can lighting, so I'd skip that one and place the two on that wall more centered over the cabinets and work spaces to the sides of the stove. Your under cabinet lighting will provide fill in the corners, so pull the cans away from the corners and put it over your work spaces. I know I don't stand at work at the corners.

Is the opposite wall your fridge wall? The fridge will have a light, but consider whether that is enough for you (open it with no other light at night for starters). Two may not be enough, but three does look like a lot.

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