leaking washing machine? (x-post from appliances)

suzan30September 9, 2013

My ten year old washing machine has started leaking! The machine is a Kenmore and the model number is 110.92582220. I checked all the visible pipe connections behind the machine while running a wash cycle and none of those is the source of the problem. The water is definitely coming from underneath (near the front of the machine, I believe). Strangely, it doesn't leak while washing but only after a wash cycle has been completed. Water seems to be slowly leaking from somewhere and puddling on the floor. I wipe it up, and 20 minutes later there is another puddle.

I'm in Chicago where repair prices are high, so I'm wondering whether it is worth it to get someone out to attempt a repair or if I should cut my losses and buy a new machine?

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Your machine is a Whirlpool-built direct-drive unit. They're quite robust and easy to repair. Whirlpool has produced millions of them since the early 1980s under several brand names.

Could be a simple leaking pump. Of course I can't comfirm that from here when you're there ... but you could have a look yourself.

It's an easy repair, I can do it in 15 mins. May take you longer. Do you have a handyman (husband?) available? I can provide instruction if you wish.

Part Number 3363394.
SearsPartsDirect lists it for $46.31.
Other sources offer better prices.
PartsDr.com for example currently lists $21.49.

The water valve can be a source of leaking but that'd be usually be a continuous leak situation.

Could be the tub center seal, which is more involved than the pump (but still is easy by my standards).

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Dear Dadoes,

Thank you so much for the detailed and kind reply. Unfortunately (at least for issues of home repair!), I don't have a husband available and because I currently have a broken wrist in a cast, there is not a lot I can do. The repair guy I've used (who is quite capable) in the past charged $75 an hour, so it looks like we are talking in the range of $100+. Do you think I should go ahead and fix it?

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