Where can I find 12-inch deep cabinets with drawers ?

flatcoat2004January 10, 2008

This is not *technically* a kitchen question, but it is a cabinet question, so I thought I'd try here first.

My main bathroom has two doors, directly across from each other ("jack and jill" style, I believe). A picture's worth a thousand words, so check it out ...

I have 14" from wall to doorjamb, and I would like to run cabinets across the entire wall (6'6") as a vanity. I figure 12" deep cabinets would work here. I have looked for standard 12" deep cabinets with drawers (either all drawers, or a drawer over a door), but can't find any. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places ? Any suggestions ?

I'll go custom if I have to, but would prefer not to ... ;-)

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Any cabinet line that has wall cabinets that do a hutch-type arrangement with drawers between the regular upper space and the countertop should be able to do them. I know that many lines do -- Brookhaven and Woodmode (I have them in my 13" deep hutch uppers), Medallion, I know those three pride themselves on the options available.

I think Diamond and Thomasville -- probably Kraftmaid. You may have to order them as 15" or 18" vanities and pay to have a one-dimentional size change, but it shouldn't be a huge ordeal.

How wide is the door? If it is wide enough, could you get a standard depth cabinet and spend the money changing the doorway to something a little narrower, move it over a bit, or use a pocket door and let it overlap a bit?

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Ikea has 12" deep drawers available. Just know, that drawers this size aren't going to hold much. You're probably better off with just shelves. They will be shallow enough that finding things inside will be easy.

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If you go with shelves, you can use baskets to hold and organize small things and make them easy to pull out if needed.

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I have 2 12" deep cabinets in my kitchen with a single drawer and doors below. The cabinets were custom sized but the configuration was standard on many lines.

I'm glad I got the drawer even though it is shallow. I will recommend that you do not get undermount drawer glides. They come in limited fixed sizes and will only allow a maximum drawer depth of 9". With side mounted glides you could go to 11".

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I couldn't tell from the picture which way the doors open but you might need to get a floor/wall stop. The doors also might hit the cabinet pulls/handles if you don't plan for that.


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I am putting in a 12" deep pantry, and even with custom cabinets, both the cabinet guy and my independent KD said it would be a silly waste of space to put in drawers or a pull-out shelf. You can barely get anything in there.

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Is there any way you could recess those base cabinets a little bit into the wall? I'm not sure what room backs up to the bathroom. You might be able to steal some space and get the depth you need.

Our bathroom has a 15-inch cabinets flanking the sink. One side is a laundry pull out. The other side is a cabinet with 1 adjustable-height shelf splitting the height. It's deep enough for our towels but we have more space than you do.


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Thanks everyone !

Unfortunately I can't change either of the doors to the room, I am squeezed for space as it is, and moving the doors would mean that I wouldn't have enough room between tub and toilet to meet code and pass inspection. Can't recess them into the wall as it is an exterior wall.

Good point about undermount glides.

Doors open out of the room.

I'll check out Ikea and some of the countertop hutch drawer cabs.

Thanks again !

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Flatcoat: hope you see this.

We have somewhat the same issues as you do in our main bath although we have a more generous 14" depth to play with. LOL!

My question is: what are you doing/using for a sink?? Your drawing looks to be a wall mounted type w/ lower counters butting on either side. Is this correct? DH is willing to build our vanity... but we can't decide on the best option for the sink. Either something like you have or an undermount is what we are debating.

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IKEA does have 12" deep drawer/shelf cabinets. They come in 15, 18 or 24 inch widths.

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA 12

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Wow birkie thanks for that ! It looks like a couple Akarum cabs might work out just great. I'm going to head into the local IKEA this weekend to get some cabinet boxes in the sizes I think will work ... if it doesn't, it wasn't an expensive experiment !

Syllabus ... I am jealous of those extra 2 inches you have :-) I don't have a detailed plan for how I'm going to make this work, but I showed the pic to my builder and he grunted and said "Yeah I can do that". I have planned to use a Kohler Memoirs sink, which is attached both to the wall and to either a pedestal or a console. I figure we can rig up some sort of beefy support structure hidden within the cabinet.

Now that the bathroom is framed, I am a bit worried that the Memoirs will jut into the room too much (it's 21" deep, and a square sink), so I am considering the Kohler Devonshire, which is 19" deep and rounded at the front. Isn't it funny how plans look OK on paper, but when you actually SEE the room things start to close in on you. LOL.

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I have a small bathroom too - haven't figured out what I'm going to do yet. I found all kinds of great options in the UK but so far haven't found any of these in the US.

Here is a link that might be useful: for small bathrooms

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I'm glad you are checking out IKEA. You'll see they also have 3 and 4 drawer base cabinets that are 12" deep, if you prefer drawers to shelves. These 12" deep cabs are in the kitchen department. I think all drawers would work better to see what is there, rather than kneeling down to get things out of a shelf. The drawer hardware is good quality Blum rails, dampeners and hinges.

On the website, and in the store, you can try different door fronts for the boxes. Also you might take a look at their counters, mirrors and light fixtures for your room. (No, I don't work for them, but I am remodeling my kitchen with IKEA cabs).

OK, lastly, I see in their bathroom dept. they have sink bases and some are only 16" deep if you don't mind a "bump out" for the sink cab. You would need to wrap the sink cab that sticks out with cover panels (from the kitchen dept) to match the doors of the side cabs to get the built-in vanity look.

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA bathroom sink cabinet

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