low-profile ceiling lighting

pauln60February 9, 2010

Hi all,

I'm looking for some low-profile (less than 5" of drop height) ceiling line lighting (e.g., track lights) to illuminate closets on both sides of a short hallway . Any ideas?


Paul N.

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The link is for miniature track lighting. You also might consider fluorescent under cabinet fixtures mounted on the wall above the closet doors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Juno Trac 12 miniature track, remote transformer

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I can't tell from the documentation how low the Junos are -
the fixtures show about 4 3/4" when tilted horizontally.
Do you know if that includes the track? The tilt would
presumably bring them down another inch or so.

Re: the fluorescent, I've considered running a tube down the
centre of the hallway ceiling with an up-reflector as in
figure B, but I can't find a suitable reflector. Any ideas where to find one?

Thanks again!


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Some of the fixtures get shorter when aimed down. Look at where the pivot point is. The track is 5/8".

I was suggesting fluorescent in the closet. You need several inches of space between a fluorescent lamp and the ceiling to do indirect lighting or the lamp reflection off of the ceiling will be harsh and not diffuse.

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The Juno Trac 12 lights look great - however, they are
prohibitively expensive. A 4' run of 3 heads apparently
will cost around $250.

Re: fluorescent in the closet - that won't really work in this case... the configuration of the closets is such that
the light needs to enter at an angle from the front.

Paul N.

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