just found this chicken soup, can it be canned?

tammyinwvJuly 31, 2012

I just found this great looking recipe for chicken soup. I am trying to ramp up my usually minimal canning and wondered if this soup could be canned. I realize the noodles would prob have to be thrown in when getting ready to cook and eat.



Here is a link that might be useful: Butteryum Italian style chicken noodle soup

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Now that is a great looking bowl of chicken noodle soup.

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An her site, like yours, is just full of delicious looking recipes. I would love to be able to can this. seems like it should work without the noodles. as soon as my tomatoes start ripening, i am trying out that roasted tomato soup I have seen posted on here. I hope to get some of it canned as well.

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So, that's a cooking recipe, not a canning recipe, but the basic guidelines for soups with meat or poultry are -

Do not puree any soup or parts of the soup. Fill jar to only half with solids (your chicken, vegetables), the rest of the jar must be your broth. The ratio is important for density, processing/timing, half solids, half liquid. Leave 1 inch headspace.

Do not add noodles or other pasta, rice, flour, cream, milk, egg, or other thickening agents. Add the milk/cream to home canned cream soup 'base' when you've opened it to heat, same with the noodles in this recipe.

60 min pressure canner pints, 75 minutes quarts.

I don't know how the frozen vegetables in the Costco bag would hold up to the pressure canning, if you would like their texture after canning and shelf storage or not. I'm not much of a fan of canned peas myself, but that's my taste :)

The soup looks delicious, and you could always freeze it too.

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Can the broth....freeze shredded chicken...put it all together at the last minute...or rather hour.
if you can it it will become "canned soup"...
It's the broth that makes it....

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That looks great, now I know what to do with the noodles my granddaughter and I made last weekend.


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Thanks for all the info.
momj47, I have made homemade egg noodles before as well. They are extremely easy and taste so much better.

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I think the "base" could easily be canned in a pressure cooker, following the instructions for "soup" found at the NCHFP site. Noodles cannot be successfully canned, they'd be complete mush, even absent possible food safety problems.

I'd can the chicken/vegetables/stock and then heat it up when needed and toss in the noodles when reheating.


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Thanks Annie, thats wat i was thinking.

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And I see she makes her white chili just like I do! Now if I can just get BF to save the chicken bones. We've started buying bone-in chicken breasts since the boneless has gotten so expensive. He thinks our freezer is too full. Silly boy! ;)

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