New ceiling light & fan smells like it's burning

linda_6February 22, 2011

My husband and I installed a new ceiling light & fan from Lowes (Hunter) and it smells like it's burning whenever we turn it on. Is this just the newness of it or should we be concerned? After awhile the smell seems to go away.

Linda from PA

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An update on this. It seems like we smell the burning when we turn on one of the switches. Right now we used the other switch to turn on the light and there is no smell at all. It's been on for over an hour. I'll have to have an electrician come and maybe check the switch.

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Are any dimmer switches being used?

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No we don't have any dimmer switches. On one side of the kitchen we have one switch for the light and on the other side of the room we have a double switch, one for the light and one for the outside light. This is the one that doesn't smell.

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It may be just oil on the motor windings from manufacture then.

Check everything carefully, but if it is manufacturing oils it usually stops after a fairly short time.

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