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newyorkingFebruary 27, 2011

Lighting was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make while renovation because of the cost and decision on whether the fixture would give off enough light. I am happy with all my choices, and wanted to share them.


I used Nobi wall light in powder room, Elf2 in guest/kids bath, and Elf1 with recessed lighting in master bath. The recessed lights (selected by my contractor) and Elf line look and work perfectly in the bathrooms. I am not happy with Nobi because it is not enough to light one bathroom, has a tiny surface area so does not give enough light in all directions, and becomes hot. I would not buy this again. The Elf line is perfect and I would highly recommend it.

Master bedroom

I got two Celine wall sconces on each side of the bed. The sconces are slightly large but work fine. It is not enough lighting since I have a large bedroom, but I planned to buy two table lamps and since I don't read a lot on the bed, these work fine.

Guest/study room

I got two small Jesco Grok ceiling lights for each side of the bed for both guest and study rooms. Surprisingly, they give off enough light (more than I expected) and look good too. I chose them because I was tired of various options, and since I bought the large ones for my entrance decided to get small ones for both bedrooms.


Large Jesco Grok - love them!


I have 3 types of lights in my kitchen - track, pendant, and under cabinet. I got Xenon under cabinet lights - in hindsight I should have gotten more of these lights since they are not as bright. For over the island, I got Bocci pendants - they look really very good. They are heavy though and need special installation. They are also very common now - I have seen them in so many bars, restaurants, and apartments. The track light that I got is from Bruck with the mini Pira fixture. The fixtures give off enough light in the kitchen and look very good. I am so happy with Bruck - I will always buy their track lighting in future. They look sleek, stay close to the wall, and give off enough light. The picture below is without the Bocci light installed.

Dining area

Initially, I planned to put the Bocci over the dining table, but the electrical arrangement just didn't work so I put it over the island. I have Bruck rainbow lights on a track over the dining table and it looks very good. The only problem with the rainbow fixtures is that I had to send two glass fixtures back and still got one with a lot of bubbles and slightly crooked. When the light is on you can see the bubbles. Bruck needs to figure this one out. For the other end of the dining area, I put two wall sconces from CXNY. Initially I liked the sconces a lot, but turns out I and my architect are the only ones who liked them!! My husband and guests just look at them as if they don't fit in. I am hoping that adding a Venetian mirror will complete the look!

Below is a photo of the weird sconces:

Living room

One side of my living room has 3 recessed lights - I will put some paintings below each. The other side over the couch has white WAC track with 16578 fixtures. In hindsight I will stick with Bruck because it looks better. I also use a floor lamp to provide good lighting.

Overall I am happy with all my lighting choices except for Nobi in powder room.

Here is a link that might be useful: All photos

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Why not cover the electrical panel in the living room. Here are some pictures of new recessed light conversion kits that convert incandescent or spiral CFL lamp to new look, energy efficient LED Diamond lamp. It never get hot, only as warm as body temperature. Also convert PL straight G24q-2 tube to CFL ceiling. I enclose two types for the member for view.




By the way, these are my inventions. Post to let member know there is new recessed light. My site should live next week.

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