Recessed lighting trim turning brown

PamelaMoFebruary 1, 2012

My sister had 4" recessed lighting installed during her kitchen remodel last year, and all the white trim kits (painted metal cones) had prominent brown "halos" within a couple of months. The lights are on dimmer switches, and she uses halogen lamps rated for the fixtures. The electrician thought the trim kits might be defective, so he replaced all of them, but the new trim has started to turn brown again. Any other ideas on why this is happening - and what can be done to prevent it?

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Paint them. That is the only option. The rims are plastic and they are turning due to ultra-violet light reflections coming into the house. Mine all did this too (albeit NOT that quickly). Your plastic ones must be even cheaper quality (meaning the type of plastic used...I bet from China)

Take them down and spray them with a good quality "high heat" spray paint. Problem solved.

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Thanks TLwiz, but the trim is not plastic. The trim kits are made of metal with a white coating. She tells me that it's a ceramic coating that's supposed to deal with heat from the halogen lamps. They were not cheap and she is concerned that something else is going on. Any other ideas?

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It sounds like it is discoloring from the high heat.
If it is not coming off it is 'dealing with the high heat.'

Halogen bulbs run VERY hot.
So hot the envelope is made of quartz instead of plain glass.

Touching the envelope when installing a new bulb can leave enough oils and residue to create a dark spot in the envelope leading to so much heat being captured the quart softens and the internal pressure will create a bubble in the envelope and lead to rupture.

Some 120 V halogens come inside a second envelope (like a reflector body).

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