Boston Selling Electrolux Washer and Dryer Help

cinemascreenSeptember 13, 2011

Hope this is ok to post here. I live in the Boston area am moving and purchased and Electrolux Steam Washer and Dryer set less than a year ago.

I cannot put it where I am moving, and have put it on craigslist at a good price. I bought it at Lowes and bought the extended warranty, but I haven't had one nibble yet.

I know craigslist is where bargain hunters go, but does anyone have any idea where to try to sell this at a decent price to buyers who are looking for upgraded appliances?

I also have a SS Maytag Fridge I bought and love that I'm trying to sell, too, so it's not just laundry.

Any help would be so appreciated.

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It all depends on what you are asking in the way of price. If you have it priced near what you paid for it, it's not going to sell. People who buy things on Craigslist know that there is a risk in purchase and expect that to be reflected in the price.

Have you considered Ebay? You can start pricing high there and relist and relist at a lower price each time until it sells.

Or you could contact a used appliance dealer and see what they would offer you for the set.

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