Can I build and sell my own light fixture?

weaseFebruary 3, 2013

I'm a woodworker by trade. I just had an idea for a lighting fixture but I'm not sure if I need a UL listing or something like that to sell it. It's actually really simple. I would use a product that is UL listed from the store (an LED lighting strip) and install it in the 'fixture' I want to use as decoration. I wouldn't modify the light strip in any way.

So I just wonder if I could get in legal trouble at all for selling something like this.

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In our litigious society, I'd say you should consult a lawyer.
I would suggest using LED bulbs though and potentially going low-voltage rather than running a line voltage fixture in it.

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You need at least an LLC for asset protection, and likely some insurance.

If you are adapting a UL device without modification you should be pretty safe, but a lot depends on your sales area.

Some locations seem to breed lawsuits at the slightest opportunity.

Definitely consult with a local attorney.

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Thanks for the input. What about candle holders? I was thinking of using tea lights and glass votives installed in the woodwork. Would that be safe? Money is tight for me.

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