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LOTOFebruary 10, 2013

I am not sure if this is the right area to start this thread but here goes.
Currently building a new home with an attached garage but also going to build a 32'x40' detached shop/garage. The shop will have a concrete floor, steel framed with colored steel exterior sheeting, 12' sidewalls, and 3/12 roof pitch. The walls and under the roof sheeting will be insulated with white poly faced insulation so the interior will be pretty bright.The building may not be heated but ideally I would like to be able to heat it enough to stay above freezing in the winter.
Any recommendations for the best lighting for the bucks? My searches have saw many recommendations for T5 or T8.

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The Cree cr series troffers may be another option.

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davidtay...I appreciate the information. I had never heard of Cree before and from what I can find out on the net the prices start at $250.00 per fixture and go up from there...I know you get what you pay for but that is a bit more than I want to spend per fixture.

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Commodity T8 fixtures with electronic ballasts.

Often under $20 each.

Watch out for condensation on the interior of metal walled buildings.

It can easily be enough to actually drip off.

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LOTO electrician recommended T5 or T8 fixtures so that is probably what I will use.
The poly faced insulation should take care of any condensation problems if installed properly (and it will be) my previous employment I built commercial steel buildings for over 20 years and have a few miles of them under my belt :)....I am not doing any of the work on this building though.

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T5 will not work well at low temps so check that carefully. If used at lower temps, they need to be enclosed to have a prayer for working at low temp.

If you can use linear fluorescents they are the sweet spot for lifetime cost. For ballasts, choose instant-start if you will turn them on and leave them on for long periods and programmed-start if they won't be on for hours. (Instant start chews up the lamps if you switch them often, but uses a little less electricity.)

If you want good color rendering, get tubes with a high CRI, they will have model numbers containing spx (GE), TL8 (Philips) or D8 (Osram/Sylvania) vs, respectively sp, TL7 or D7.

Luminaires with reflectors come in different configurations for different ceiling heights. All other things being equal (price), choose the appropriate luminaires.

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"The poly faced insulation should take care of any condensation problems if installed properly"

It mainly collects it so it does not drip but then evaporates off the insulation.

The landlord of one of the high bays I leased no longer will supply new ceiling panels damaged by condensation dripping from the sheet metal roof and metal trusses.

Luckily I was only there for one year as a mostly storage warehouse.

The small office area ceiling looks like hell though.

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