Suggestions for medium base LED

dhustonFebruary 29, 2012

Just ordered my chandy for the two story foyer and would love to put LED bulbs in it. The chandy is 12 lights up to 100 watts. Any suggestion for LED bulbs?

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I would recommend fitting incandescents first to see the intended light output and effects.

The type of bulb depends on a number of factors
1. The base used - E26?
2. The desired light output. Quite a few lighting manufacturers use phrases like "Output equivalent to 60 Watts" when in reality, the actual output is lower than a real equivalent incandescent bulb.
3. Would the shape of the bulb matter?

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The bulbs are medium base. I dont know what that means though, I'm assuming it is regular base.

Shape doesn't matter as there are glass shades.

I think a reduced light output may be fine as there are other light sources in the foyer/stairwell, don't even know how often it will be on. Was thinking about using maybe 75 watt bulbs and getting a dimmer. I just think 1200 watts is alot of light.

Please let me know what you think.

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It's probably the E26.
The Philips L prize bulb could be suitable then (since the bulbs are not directly visible). I would wait until the price drops. 10 watts per bulb, ~ 900 lumens.

A cheaper alternative is the enduraLED series A19 or A21.
A19 12 watts per bulb ~ 800+ lumens
A21 17 watts per bulb ~ 1100 lumens

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