HE washing machine with manually adjustable water levels?

newmamaSeptember 29, 2009

I've been trying to find a high efficiency machine that allows for some manual adjustment of water levels, but all I've been able to find so far is the GE Profile WPRE6150 & WPRE8150.

Does anyone know of any other HE washing machines that allow the user to manually select the water levels?

I love automatic water levels for all our needs except cloth diapers. When washing diapers, I want to be able to do a manual override of the auto-sensing water levels, so that I can add more water for rinsing detergent & urea residue out of the diapers.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :)

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The Infusor agitator on the two GE models you cite is similar to the impeller/washplate of the Oasis/Cabrio/Bravos, AquaSmart, and Harmony, but has a short centerpost (which may help reduce tangling). I suspect that the highest fill is no more than to top of the Infusor post ... which may be about the same as what the Oasis/Cabrio/Bravos do on a Bulky cycle. However, both models do provide for manual control of the water level (in addition to a choice for automatic sensing), so you could run a moderate-size load of diapers on the highest fill and probably meet your needs for water and rinsing.

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Dadoes, doesn't one (or more) of the F&P allow a full tub water fill? Sort of a combination HE and non-he in one?

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All F&P agitator models (EcoSmart and Intuitive Eco) are deep-fill machines with five water levels selected either manually or by auto-sensing. They're EnergyStar, but not considered HE.

The AquaSmart models (which are cousins to the Oasis/Cabrio/Bravos) are HE machines, and offer an option for deep-fill (but still auto-sensed, I believe) on several cycles.

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dadoes and cynic, thank you so much! I am unbelievably impressed by how much you two know. I'm going to look into the GE and F&P models right now. I'll let you know what I find.

Thanks again for all your help!!! :)

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Miele will allow a Miele Technician to add Water Plus to the wash cycles and the Rinse Cycles. We just had it done to our new Miele W4840 washer...and I LOVE it. The clothes are cleaner, and much better rinsed!

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newmama, if you buy a Bravos washing machine, it will have a 5 cu ft capacity (largest on the market), and the Bulky cycle will completely submerge the diapers in water.

Other cycles don't use as much water.

I would definitely recommend that you get the internal water heater for washing diapers.

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