remove dimmer capability of ceiling fan light?

joy_divisionFebruary 21, 2013

I have a Hunter Type 3 ceiling Fan.
It has a remote with dimming capability and takes 2 candelabra incandescent bulbs.
I tried 2 CFLs and it strobes. I found and read that if I put in one CFL and one incandescent, it is ok, but I want 2 CFLs.
It's the dimmer. If I hold the dimmer button for a few seconds, the flashing goes away. I am assuming when turning on the light that it is not at 100% and holding down the button moves to 100%.
In any event, my lazy, environmentally unfriendly wife doesn't like to hold the button down for 2 seconds to relieve the flashing and want the incandescents back.
Can I remove the dimming capability of the lighting fixture? Is it the base where the bulbs plug in, the transmitting receiver or some other thing?
BTW, I have removed the voltage regulator, or whatever that black box is they they put in ceiling fans now to limit the wattage.

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Dimming CFLs with an incompatible dimmer (even if they are 'full on' they really are not) is a good way to actually overheat, burn out, and possibly start a fire with a CF.

Just about any 'wireless' solution to fan control uses some type of solid state control that must be compatible with the bulbs used.

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ok then, a simple request (maybe not a simple answer).

I would like a ceiling fan with:

remote control for fan and light
no dimming
able to use CFL or LED
must have at least 2 bulbs
55" +

It's weird that a lof of these "grand room" ceiling fans come with one measly 40w incandescent. Shouldn't it be the bigger the fan, the more light you would want?

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"remote control for fan and light"

As soon as you use a remote control you are looking st solid state electronics to turn the light on & off.

I have yet to see anyone using mechanical relays for this (and driving relays from solid state controls has many of the same problems since you are driving the relay coil with a distorted waveform).

This requires the bulbs to be dimmer compatible.

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Thanks. Maybe I'll look for a new ceiling fan, without a remote.
This discussion has been really helpful.

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