I visited a speed queen today!

Niki FriedmanSeptember 1, 2014

So excited to order them and thank you so much for your advice!! I'm sad to lose the large capacity but as far as top loaders go, I don't think it can be beat. We are moving our laundry to the bedroom level so I figure I won't miss the big load capability anymore. I checked out a few of the really large top loaders and all 5'2 of me would have to use a step stool and hang down into the bowl to pick up the clothes on the bottom! No thanks!

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What good is having one that big when the clothes on top never make it to the bottom and aren't clean, or maybe not even wet all way through.

Adjust your SQ water level and you should be well pleased.

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Just kidding. They are great washers. I agree that you should adjust the water level. The good news for the future, if I understand Alliance's plans correctly, is that the new generation of Speed Queens with electronic touchpad controls coming out next year will not even need their water levels adjusted because they will meet Energy Star requirements by spray rinsing rather than being miserly with the water level.

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Oh no!
Speed Queen is going electronic...that's horrible.
You won't be able to manipulate anything anymore.

I think they should sell both, old world style (mechanical) dials NON Energy Star and the new electronic Energy Star ones.

I would bet a pretty penny that the old style (NON-Energy Star) would out sell the new one by leaps and bounds.

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I could be wrong, but I was thinking from what I saw/read that you will have a choice. They will have a Normal/Eco cycle or a Normal/Regular cycle. That will work like the switch on Wpool,etc where theirs says Fabric Softener Rinse SQ says Regular or some such but for a 9 gallon spray rinse you select Eco.

My wording may not be right on it but I think I explained it well enough that you know what I/it all means. Then by 2018 they will cut the rinse down to a 4 gal spray on SQ.

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Niki Friedman

Will def adjust the water level- thanks!!

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I think in 2015 they are introducing the electronic models, but a bottom of the line model will still retain the timer (it will still do spray rinsing though and be energy star). However if I'm reading their chart correctly the timer models will go away in 2018.

Personally I'm indifferent to the changes and don't see what's wrong with them adding electronics.

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Don't fret the SQ electronics. SQ makes tens of thousands of electronic controls for commercial washers and dryer environments every year that last many years and are abused at times in the field. Their controls are considered industry leaders for capability and reliability on the commercial side.

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The SQ electronics seem more reliable than their timers (which have actually been one of the more failure prone items on their top loader). I have never heard of a service call on the front loader electronics (though I'm sure they've happened). Maybe it's just because there aren't as many front loaders out there, which is a shame because the Speed Queen front loader is a much better washer than their top loader (with a price to match).

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Kathy Harrington

I am building in an area that does not offer service for Miele. I need to get a front load as I am putting a counter over the washer and dryer. If I'm reading your post correctly, hvtech, you like the Speed Queen front loaders, even better than the top loaders? I've read plenty of posts from happy customers on the top loaders, but not a lot of recent info on the front loaders. Also, I'm on propane only, so I think I'll get an electric dryer. Never had one before. Is there a difference in performance between electric and gas? Thanks. Ready to be finished with obsessing over appliances :)

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Yes there is not as much feedback on the SQ front loader because it is very expensive. It is my favorite washing machine on the market. And yes I do like it much more than the SQ top loader. It is more gentle on the clothes. It uses much less water. It is more reliable. It has an access panel for the drain pump which most competitors have removed for aesthetics and cost reasons.

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Kathy Harrington

Thanks for your response. The quote I got for the white front load washer and electric dryer was not bad, so I'm going to go with it. I appreciate your input. It's a new build so it will be months before I actually use it, but when I do, I'll post my reviews

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Good choice! These washers do not look like spaceships and they don't have tons of gimmicky features like steam but they are built better.

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My oldest sister will be getting a SQ front loader soon--at my suggestion. She wants a front loader--California drought and on septic system and something simple to operate. I would have gotten one two years ago, but they took away the heater for the boosted hot temp setting and I refuse to have another front loader without a supplemental heater.

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I'm with you on the heater, that is the big downside, and it's especially lame considering they made a model with heater just a few years ago. Supposedly they are coming out with a completely new front load design later this year. It will have better balancing and vibration control (which is an issue with the current model, they need a SOLID floor). Hopefully it will have a heater as well, which is really a must have on washers this expensive. IMO since this is a high end product the heater should be standard, they shouldn't even offer a model without one.

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I was speaking again Friday with my Speed Queen dealer about a year-end drop dead date for getting the ATE50 (their combo unit with both front load washer and front load dryer) and he said that the biggest change the new federal standard would make in that model was to dial down or possibly eliminate the water heating process. I would guess all their front loaders will get this change after December 31? Dunno.

I asked him how SQ was selling, and he said it was to the point now that Speed Queen was his hottest product, far surpassing even Meile. That customers really were sick and tired of bad washers and that he could not keep SQs on the floor. He said it used to be that customers sometimes didn't even recognize the brand, or found them too utilitarian and plain, but that now the factory can barely meet his demand. That it was the new luxury standard for a lot of folks. He sounded like he was still in a state of shock.

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What do you mean that the new model would "dial down or possibly eliminate the water heating process?" The SQ front loader cannot heat water because it doesn't have a heater. Are you saying they won't be able to draw hot water?

That is great to hear about Speed Queen's success but I bet most of those sales are for the top loader. I hope that with this new generation Speed Queen focuses on promoting the front loader more. I predict that in about 10 years, maybe a little bit more, traditional top loaders that fill all the way up will be going away. SQ needs to make clear WHY their front loader is better than the competition if they want continued success at that point because currently the only reason people are buying them is they are the only one with a true traditional TL. Americans need to get more comfortable with high efficiency washers and learn how to use them, just like the rest of the world already has. To help this change happen, manufacturers need to emphasize proper use and care procedures besides leaving the door open. The other thing I think needs to happen is ALL front load washers sold here need to be connectable to either 120V or 208/240V. In retrofit applications, you could either plug into 120V and get lame water heating, or share the dryer's circuit via an outlet on the matching dryer and get superior water heating, but be restricted in using the washer and dryer simultaneously. In renovations or new construction, you would give the washer its own 240V circuit for the best of both worlds. I think one of the big reasons people have had so much trouble with mold is that with today's high efficiency washers is that you have to jump through so many hoops to get anything other than a cold or lukewarm wash!

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Just reporting what the dealer said re water heating. Perhaps he is not as versed in the product as his years in the trade would suggest. Dunno. But I must be among the 3% of Americans who wash 97% of their laundry on cold. So as I told him, I simply don't care about the unit's ability to heat water. If that's the major 2015 change, I need be in no rush to buy.

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MizLizzie, if you are planning on getting a frontloader and continue to wash primarily in cold water, you will be a nice candidate for mold and grunge infestation in the machine.

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I was hoping Speed Queen FLs were not as prone to the mold issue. Sounds like I will have to run hot water and clorox through it from time to time. Or something. ;-) Or just buy one of those cheap GE laundry stacks with an old fashioned agitator. But the government is probably getting ready to make those illegal, too. Mercy!

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ALL front loaders no matter how well built will have issues with performance, smells, and durability if you don't use them properly. Since front loaders use so little water in the first place, it's not like washing in hot or warm will use that much more energy.

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Apologies in advance to viennamommy19 for hijacking her thread! LOL. hvtech, I wash in cold because that's what 95% of my clothes require, including sheets. Even my towels say cold -- which I know is ridiculous -- so I wash them on very warm or sometimes hot. "Cold wash, tumble dry low, light iron if needed" seems to be the print on every label nowadays. Perhaps manufacturers do this for liability reasons? I do not know. But I heed it, perhaps unnecessarily.

All jokes about top loaders aside, my elderly mother has been using a cheap 27" GE laundry center for about ten years now, and she loves it beyond words.

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LOL I think the hijacking is originally my fault. I made that off topic comment about the new Speed Queens with electronic controls and that sparked a discussion.

I wouldn't bother following the care labels. See the linked thread for a discussion on this.

Traditional top loaders with agitators are good designs for the most part and work well. But things have changed and it doesn't make much sense to manufacture them anymore.

Here is a link that might be useful: q about detergents and temps for frontloader

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Niki Friedman

No apology necessary! It was a silly post to begin with ;) I was just excited to finally see these babies in person :) My husband is sick of talking about appliances so my choices are 1. My mother and/or 2. GW ;)

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Have your mother sign up on GW and then have the best of both worlds in one location :)

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Niki Friedman

I tried! My parents just redid their 1960s kitchen last winter. I begged her to post her layout but no dice. She relied exclusively on consumer reports for appliances. So far, so good- fingers crossed. She did a beautiful job :)

Have to also give a shout-out to my friends, who have been extremely helpful with my kitchen choices (though none had ever heard of a SQ). I can't call them at midnight to chat about backsplashes though... That's what GW is for!

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Can a stacked set be used as a side by side?
Or can the top of the dryer be put on the washer if used alone?
This unit is used but washer just had new shocks put on.
Lastly, how will it perform on a wood foundation floor?
Thanks for a speedy reply!!!!

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We will need more information to be able to answer your questions.

What stacked set are you talking about?


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Sorry don't have full number but it starts with AT and I think it's the 50 if that makes sense!
I believe it's 3-4 years old but then my info may not help.
Mainly need to know if it can be used unstacked :)

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Speed Queen stacked sets cannot be separated because the washer and dryer are built as an intergraded unit with the controls placed between the washer and dryer. Thus you either buy them stacked or as individual units. There is no bracket available to stack the individual washer and dryer.

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So the seller states he can place the top plate on the washer thus allowing the washer to be used as a single unit.
The dryer understandedly will be rendered useless.
Price point is just below $500
Yes or no on this??
Thanks much!

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