X-post - Lighting design help, please? Pics included

jsweencFebruary 12, 2010

The electricians are wiring for lights today. We had a consultation with the lighting guy earlier in the week. Overall we are going with his recommendations, but I wanted some input on pendants.

I am torn between two options:

- Put two large pendants over island, and a collection of minis over the table area

- Put about 5 minis over the island and one large one over the table.

(Third option - use all minis, two different styles and configurations)

I really like these for the large; they are classic, maybe a little boring (confirmed boring - just saw that Maxim calls them "builder basic")

The problem is they are 16" in diameter, which would probably be too big for the island (8.5' x 30"), even using only two. Lighting guy suggested minis over island and one large over table.

This one from Hinkley is 10"; not exactly like the one above but maybe a little more interesting?

With these, I would probably use three on the island

These are some of the minis I am considering

Clarity by WAC

Eden by WAC

Atlantis by WAC

If we put minis over the island, I was thinking of something like this, four or five in a line

If we did this, any of the three minis would work.

If we put minis over the table, I was picturing them like this, six or seven grouped on a circular plate and hung at different levels

If we did this, I think Clarity would work best (though the more I look at these stars, the more I like them).

I'd love to hear opinions, or suggestions for lights you think might look good in the space. I don't have any pictures that would really give a good idea of what we are doing, but here is the layout.

The light over the table would be in line north to south with the edge of the door on the north wall; in line west to east with the lower corner of the pantry bumpout

The rest of the kitchen will be recessed, all on one switch.

FYI -- the second island will be moving south (maybe to Florida if the weather doesn't get better soon!); there will be about 38" between islands; no pendants over smaller one

Thanks for your thoughts!

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