Ceiling fan that takes normal bulbs

dreambuilderFebruary 27, 2013

I'm looking for a ceiling fan that takes normal bulbs--I don't want to put candelabra bulbs in it.....does anyone know of a brand/make/model that would take "normal" bulbs? Thanks!

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Do you mean the screw base? The E26/27 is known here as Edison base. Check Home Depot. And if the shade needs to be larger, just buy replacements of the size you desire. The Candelabra is also known as E12. The numbers are the major diameter of the screw base in millimeters.

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Yes I mean the screw base---I feel like the candelabra's don't give off much light--thanks!

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My fans are rated for 40 watts lamps. Using 60 watt is not a problem electrically, but the heat is too much. After 30 minutes or so, the smell of overheating is quite evident. So LED lamps solved the problem -- at a cost.
Don't overlamp a fixture.

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Given the variety of adapters available to accomodate other lamps, the Edison base lampholder may well be the most versatile available. The candelabra and the gu-24 can be used in the Edison base with an adapter. How they look in the open end shade is another matter.

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