Fisher&Paykel DEGX1UD dryer

david1217September 8, 2013

Hello all I am hoping member DADOES will see this call for help. Purchased this dryer 6-21-05 had motor replaced 9-19-08. The bearing was making a noise that sounded like a squeeky spring but the tech and I found it to be a motor bearing,according to tech no servicing is done on this motor by F&P dealers, this cost me $ 286.39 for a new motor installed. Now for a week or so same problem and as before in one dirrection only. I kept the old motor and pulled the bearing org SKF 6202-RSH/C3LHT23 my bearing had SKF 6202- 2RSJEM in stock which is the same but with a different lube. cost in 2008 $ 9.25 .Well I can handle the motor but can not remember exactly how to open the machine all I am positive about is you don't even have to moove the machines position or the duct work, I was impressed.
Please ,please can someone refresh my memory on this simple but a little risky to attempt without guideance.
Oh by the way I am a gentleman of 70 years of age and only do three light loads per week and I sleep on a single bed. I was the full size bed every three months or so to keep it fresh unless I have company.
DADOED I want to add that I enjoy reading you posts because I am a doityourselfer , I think the idea of hidden fasteners is so elegant but if you pry on the wrong thing can be expensive.
Thanks to all that contribute to these forums David

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Considerable disassembly is required to access the motor.

Remove the lid. Carefully pry out the rubber lid bumpers at front corners of the top deck. Remove the screws. Raise the top deck.

Remove the screws at the top front corners that anchor the front panel. Slightly spread the sides of the front panel so the tabs on it clear the door grabber mechanism. Pull the front forward then lift it up off the base tabs. Careful of the green ground wire that's clipped to lower edge of the front panel. Pull the wire clip off the panel, set the panel aside.

Roll the drum forward to close the drum door panel. Trace the wires from the door grabber mechanism to the sensor module at the left of the cabinet. Disconnect the wires. Release the anchor tabs that attach the door grabber to the sides of the cabinet, lift the door grabber mechanism up and off.

Open the cover on the motor control module (mounted at the left side under the drum). Find the ground wires that lead from it and disconnect them from the cabinet base. Unplug the motor harness from the module, and unplug the 6-wire communication harness from the module.

Lay a protective blanket or mat on the floor in front of the dryer.

Pull the inner drum chassis forward to pivot the entire mechanism forward out of the outer cabinet. Beware sharp of sharp sheet metal -- wearing protective gloves is recommended.

The motor is mounted at the right rear of the chassis.

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