Connecting led uc light bars?

rocketmomkdFebruary 20, 2012

We are installing four led light bars under a cabinet run, non-dimming and hardwired. The walls are currently open. Should we be wiring each bar separately to the switch or linking them all first? If we link them, I believe we would have to drill holes in the fences between cabinets. Any thoughts?

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That might be the way to go if you are adverse to either notching or drilling the fences.

Your switch box needs to be big enough to accommodate all the wire leads.

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Thx david. I guess i'm not adverse to drilling throught the fences. It just never occured to me until dh said that's what he'd have to do. But I just realised the specs say they are not linkable. I know linkable lights are the plug in type, not hardwired but I'm assuming these could be hardwired to each other. Am I wrong in assuming that?

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Look up the specifications.

The light may not be linkable as there is only one connector which is intended to be directly wired.

An example of a linkable light that can be configured as either a plug in or hardwired light is the Philips eW Profile.

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