Does your exterior match your interior design?

dazzlemewithcolorJanuary 20, 2011

Just wondering if your exterior style of your house matches your interior?

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Yes, we had it built almost 18 years ago and it's a Contemporary Southwest all-adobe home. Inside is a mix of Southwestern styles that reflect New Mexico's tri-cultural heritage: Spanish, Native American and Cowboy/Western.
If I had it to do over agian, I'd have insisted on more of a Spanish hacienda style home with a red tile roof and interior courtyard, but it's too late now ;^D

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Oh come on Lynn, you can always add another wing :p

Yes to me as well. Eastlake Victorian inside and out. Although in our townhouse (uninspired 80s four unit thing) I would have to say no. It's eclectic on the inside and ugly on the outside :).

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Ours does. MCM post-and-beam home, and soft contemporary inside with some danish modern and some new furnishings. I actually like having a house with a strong architectural style, because it makes decorating choices so much easier. We had 1920s houses before this one and I loved them for the same reason.

Now, our landscaping? That's a whole separate issue. A true intervention is needed there.

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Landscaping? What's that? :-)

We live in a grocery store so, no, our interior is nothing like our exterior. I doubt the fruit bowl counts as a produce section!

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grlwprls -

Do you have one of those automatic misters for the produce bowl?

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jakabedy - Please, please, please would you (please) post some pics of your interior, please? I'm refurnishing my LR (eventually DR, too) around an existing pair of Hollywood Regency lamps and Art Deco-inspired console. MCM architure and soft-contemporary/Danish modern sounds interesting.

Did I say please?


(Palimpsest, Scouts honor I won't lose focus!)

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Eventually! As soon as I have my front porch finished being rebuilt painting will commence and will flow seamlessly into the interior.

I've always made sure that anything I planted outside 'matched' the interior for 2 reasons:

1. So that any arrangement that I cut and bring inside looks as though I took great care in planning and arranging even though I probably did it in 5 minutes w/ my eyes closed.

2. So that the exterior views from the interior look as though they could be one.

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Good question - I had never thought of that actually and yes it totatlly does.

Our house was not custome built however just lucky to have found a house design that reflects my interior tastes!

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I think so for the most part. We live in a 1910 Southern Colonial cottage. The inside has a collected cottage look, using liberal antique and vintage pieces. It looks like an old house, that's been taken care of and has evolved over the years.

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The exterior has no style, just California suburbian large. LOL And it's a cold grey/blue combo. Someday we'll change that. My interior is warm and comfortable. Warm creamy walls with lots of sage accents and mahogany furniture. I'm still working on accessories and wall art, but it's starting to take shape.

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Probably not. House built in 1983, but a farmhouse design. I don't think the interior really looks like farmhouse, but I am trying for that look.

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As much as I beat the drum (or dead horse) of consistency I would say no. But I really went back architecturally to an 1838 greek revival interior in terms of doors and millwork and replacing plaster cornices. I do have the MCM stairwell around the MCM stairs that were added in 1965. So, that aspect of my interior is consistent.

But I don't have a house full of classical, regency and empire furniture because the upholstered pieces are generally really uncomfortable, and the storage pieces would not really be adaptable to modern needs.

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Sorta of, but sorta not. :) We added a farm style front porch when we added-on. Not sure what style the house is though, it's an L shaped brick and stone house, it used to be rectangle with all brick. Ranch? We added stone on several corners on the outside to match the fireplace & chimney.

In the summer I have a cottage style garden so it fits perfectly when we walk inside the house, which is a rustic/cottage/farm/old world combo.

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I have a 1830's Federal style house.
It's been neglected but not abused. We're slowly bringing her back to her former glory both inside and out. Right now she's getting a much needed new porch. The old one was falling apart and not very pretty. From what we can tell this not the first time the porch has been replaced , we've found four other foundations from different time periods when we started digging. This will be the largest and most grand replacement so far. She deserves something special after enduring the ugly porch that was there for so long. When this phase is done we're heading to the back of the house for another porch redo and a patio makeover.
In the meantime I keep working on rooms as time and budget
So far the house is still a work in progress, BUT I think when it's done it will match wonderfully. We gave a lot of thought to changing the exterior but in the end I think what we came up with is something that she will wear proudly for a very long time to come.

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More yes than no.

Outside, it looks kind of like a french or english cottage. Inside, there are high ceilings, dentil moldings,and wood floors--but there are also mid-century modern influences such as knotty pine and that pepto-bismo pink bathroom tile. Still trying to figure out whether, and how, to integrate the two.

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yes and no. I think the bones of the house yes but the furniture depends on the room. Our house is an 1825 Federal. When putting back the main staircase I researched for months to find an appropriate one. From the library I took out Asher Benjamin (a famous architect from the early 1800's.) pattern books which provide drawings and practical advice for full house plans and all the details. People back then used these books to build houses. I also found a book on Federal Homes with drawings for woodwork, windows, etc. Next I searched the Library of Congress Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS). This is a treasure trove of information. which "... have recorded America's built environment in multiformat surveys comprising more than 556,900 measured drawings, large-format photographs, and written histories for more than 38,600 historic structures and sites dating from Pre-Columbian times to the twentieth century." Very helpful. Stuff that is staying with the house I want to be appropriate. Furnishings - it depends on the room. My style is eclectic. Personally I hate wallpaper. The walls were never painted. I had all the wallpaper stripped and the walls skim coated so we could paint them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Library of Congress Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS)

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No, not at all. The house is a newer Craftsman style home and it's really not my style but DH liked it and we bought it because of the area. The inside is more traditional/eclectic. If I could choose, I would have a more tradional exterior, but oh well, at least I like the inside.

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Pam thank you for that link! I plan on spending hours there researching! I love to read posts like yours and Carols :). It warms my heart to read about someone doing the right thing for their old beauties!

Carol we hope to do the porch next year. Please lie to me and say it was a simple and quiet project that came in under budget without significantly disturbing your life too much? Heh heh.

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In some ways, but since it was originally a one-room school, there is really no style in the sense other homes would have. I do tend to like the Mission style and non-cluttered look in most of the house except the library. That's "anything goes", overstuffed furniture, rugs, heavy curtains - a room of the big estate house I've always dreamed about. :)

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Yes - Basic brick ranch on the outside which I have tried to make as pretty as possible by way of porches and patios, outdoor furniture, plants, nice doors and windows, etc.

Yes - Basic ranch on the inside with NO pretty architectural features like fireplaces with gorgeous mantels, built-ins to accessorize, staircases to decorate, etc. But I make it as nice as I can with my pretty wood floors, fresh paint, upgraded trim and molding suitable to a simple ranch, my traditional, slightly country furnishings, etc. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but I don't like silk purses! I like cotton, linen and a little wool!


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It doesn't now but I'm working on it. I have a Cape Cod saltbox with a current interior of 80's orange wanna be Arts and Crafts moldings. We are painting them white and lightening up the interior.

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tuesday_2008, my home is a former sow's ear that is now more like a decent mid-priced bag from Kohl's :)

I try to have the interior relate to the exterior. Also, I find the region that we live in has an influence too: when in New England, decorate like New England.

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Because ours is a custom build, our exterior and interior relate. However, if we purchased an existing home, I would decorate the interior to reflect our personal taste not necessarily the exterior style.

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I hope so,
My exterior is Traditional Transitional and my interior
is a bit of Sweet Spice and a twist of traditional.

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Not even trying. I proudly display my antiques in my modern home with the modern insulation, plumbing and wiring, and the attached double car garage.

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What an interesting thread! My friends who live in San Francisco Bay Area Eichlers definitely do NOT have their interiors matched but I suspect that's because we're all in the same place in terms of young children, and those Eichlers are crap for storage, etc.

I'm so glad boxerpups posted, inc. a picture, because now I know that our house is Transitional Traditional, oops, I mean Traditional Transitional. Whatever, it's a 1997 large suburban house. I think our house makes sense, like I think when you drive up and then come inside you don't go "whoa nellie!"

Is it what I would have designed if we'd done custom? Nope. But it's home!

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