Reveal bulb burning out in one day

wi-sailorgirlFebruary 8, 2011

I have two identical new pendants in my bathroom. They take T10 bulbs and I put GE Reveal bulbs (so much better) in both of them. One of them has been fine and the other burns out in one day. This has happened with two bulbs in the one pendant. We tested it with a voltmeter and everything looks fine. I put a regular (non-Reveal) bulb in it because that's all I had and it's been going strong for well over a week now. So why would the Reveal bulbs of the same wattage burn out when the regular bulb doesn't?

Could it be we happened to get a bad "batch" of Reveal bulbs? If something was wrong with the light fixture wouldn't the same thing happen with the regular bulb?

I'm perplexed.

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Could be a bad batch.

Another possibility: the "reveal" lamp might also produce more waste heat (especially since the envelope is tinted). If it builds up in the fixture, that might tend to shorten life.

The most common reason for premature failure of incandescent lamps is excessive vibration. Any chance that might apply here?

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The Reveal bulbs we have used have lasted an average of 1800 hours. Are all are used indoors and bedrooms. We have since switched over to the Sylvania Daylight series and have been much happier with their longevity.

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No vibration issues, David, but I put a third Reveal bulb in and it has worked fine since I wrote this, so I guess I'm leaning toward it being a bad batch, which is pretty irritating. I may pick up the Sylvania Daylights next time.

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