Need under cabinet lighting help ASAP

denisef05February 4, 2010

My cabinets are already here and I just found out from the electrician that the xenon undercabinet lighting is one inch thick while my upper cabs only have 3/4 inch underneath. I do NOT want to see the lights even though it is white cabinets and white lights. I don't really want to mess up my new custom cabs by adding a piece of trim either.

What are my options? Need help, please!

Xposting in Kitchen. TIA.


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Could always consider recessed led lighting.

Here is a link that might be useful: led light

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Thanks, nick4ul. I will check it out. Isn't LED lighting considered "cold"?


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Kichler has a new line of very thin LEDs. I'd guess they are about 1/2" thick. But they get pretty hot. I normally think of LED as cool, I think it must be the transformer/driver.

There are "linear lighting" products that are essentially landscape lighting technology that mounts under your cabinet. You can attach light fixtures along the way almost where ever you wish. Xenon, LED, Halogen. Seagull makes one version. The light sockets are 3/4" thick.

Personally I don't see anything wrong with a light valance. The valance doesn't have to be very high. I plan to add one to my cabinets to help hide the lights. 3/4" isn't very much. I think mine are about the same.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seagull Linear Lighting

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I've been looking at LEDs from that are less than 0.6inches thick including mounting hardware.

Here is a link that might be useful: EnvLights

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We were initially going to with xenon undercabinet lighting as well, but I didn't want to see the fixtures hanging down. We just ordered Environmental Lights for our kitchen remodel thanks to piaa's post. We spent quite a bit more than I thought we would by going this route (vs something basic from Home Depot or Lowe's), but I think the low profile (0.6"), low heat, and low energy usage will be worth the extra money. Plus, they are dimmable from a switch on the wall and the sales person, Bruce, was very helpful!

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The CRI on the LED lights are only 70 and from looking in the stores that is not broad enough for my preferences. I was hoping for something 90 or better.

Good warm dimmable LED lights seem to be just over the horizon. There are a few but very pricey. Juno makes a commercial dimmable product and a residential product that is non-dimmable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Juno

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I would add a painted piece of moulding on the bottom edge of the cabinets. You could use generic stop or something fancy depending on your style. Hide the lights and add a custom touch to your cabs.


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The seem otherwise an attractive choice. Could you explain a bit about the CRI? What would we see using these lights as compared to a Cree LR6 overhead with a CRI of 92, but a similar color temp.?


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Well... I'm not an expert.. but for lights at the same color temperature, a higher CRI means it will reproduce colors more accurately. 100 would mean that the test light was equal to the reference light at that same temperature. Less is... well less. But it doesn't tell you if it is blue shifted or red shifted. However for LED's I tend to find them blueish. For me I'd like something that is going to give my granite the best light. Some LEDs from Juno and some Kitchler have CRI's in the 90's. Can't recall the color temp. But they are still pretty pricey and I want dimmable or at least a few pre-defined light levels. (low, med, hi).

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