Kenmore washing machine will not drain

satchmo876September 12, 2007

My kenmore washer will agitate and the pump will spin to keep the water in the tub, but will not change direction and pump the water out. I have checked the coupling, pump and all the wiring harnesses; they all work. The cycle just stops after the fill and wash cycle, I can manually move the timer to the rinse cycle and it runs for a bit, but then stops again. I think it may be a faulty latch switch or timer, how do I figure out which one needs to be replaced?

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The pump doesn't have to work to fill the tub. How did you determine that the pump works? Is the pump making any noises or attempts and draining out the water?

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Looser, I think the OP knows that the pump doesn't fill the tub. He/She is saying that the motor runs for agitation, but doesn't reverse for drain/spin.

Satchmo876, if your machine has the lid switch design triggered by a striker on the edge of the lid, check if the striker is broken. If so, that's the problem. Push the lid switch actuator with your finger or a suitable object. You should hear it click faintly and the motor should come on. If no click and the motor doesn't run, then the lid switch itself may be the problem. A friend had this problem a couple months ago, the actuator on the switch was cracked so the switch didn't trigger (not broken completely off, they fixed it by gluing the actuator). The lid switch does not come into play during agitation, only during spin/drain. Replacing the switch requires removing the machine's cabinet. Report back here what you find on whether the switch works or not, and I (or perhaps someone else) can provide instructions on how to remove the cabinet. If you do hear the switch click but the motor still doesn't run, then the problem turns to the timer or motor (although the switch could still be at fault, would have to test it with a volt/ohm meter to be sure).

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I think dadoes is correct. My former TL would just stop dead in its tracks after washing and would not drain and go into the rinse. What I did was bang hard with my fist on the lid right next to that striker thing and it would kick the machine into gear and would drain, rinse, spin. I never could observe anything wrong with it visually. Someone pressed down or something with a screwdriver on the striker and proved to me that was the broken part.

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I have the same problem and my striker is fine. I used a screwdriver to see if it was faulty...still nothing. I have replaced the pump and check all hoses. The machine aggitates and spins but it will not reverse the motor and drain. HELP PLEASE!!! I don't even like washing clothes!!

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The "striker" may physically look OK, but the lid switch itself may still be bad electrically. Test it with a volt/ohm meter if you have access to one. You'll have to disassemble the machine for access to the switch to test it.

The pump itself has *nothing* to do with reversing the motor for spinning/draining. That is done electrically through the timer.

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i-need-help do I do that. I'm sorry, but I have never done this before. I do have access to a volt/ohm meter - but I wouldn't know where to start.

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