EcoSmart 575 brightness, surprising

polieFebruary 8, 2012

Hello. I've installed a Home Depot EcoSmart 575 bulb after reading on the forum that it's identical to the more expensive Cree CR6 branded bulbs and in fact made by Cree itself. Here's my question: the EcoSmart bulb is listed at 575 lumens while the bulb I replaced is for 900 lumens. I thought the EcoSmart bulb would be much, much weaker, but I can't tell the difference. I'm telling myself it MUST be weaker, but it's not registering. Is it my imagination? should I see my eye doctor ASAP?, or is the EcoSmart bulb brighter than it claims to be?

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It's just that more light is emitted compared to the traditional bulb in a can setup where a significant proportion is trapped.

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I find them to be very bright as well.

For those interested they are back down to $25 at Home Depot on LI in NY.

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Thank you both, davidtay and Emilner. I bought mine for $25 plus tax from a NYC location of Home Depot, though I don't how how the other dealers who have to sell the regular Cree CR6 branded product can compete if the CR6 and the HD EcoSmart 575 are identical items.

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