Electrolux door swap - anyone successfully done it

gaw1September 22, 2011

I purchased an Electrolux Wave 70 based on info that the door can be switched. The store I bought it from has tried to switch the door on two washers unsuccessfully. And to top it off says they've never successfully seen it done on the washer (apparently dryer is easier.) A local service guy in the area says he does it all the time without a problem.

Has anyone had the washer door switched? Does the door still pop open and swing back or just open and stay close to the opening.

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First, call the customer support department at Electrolux. They might be able to send you an instruction sheet by e-mail. If they say the job can be done, talk to that "local service guy" and ask him what he would charge. It's pretty amazing that a store can sell a washer and not be able to switch the door - IF it can be changed.

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My IQ Touch came with the instructions step-by-step but it seemed like so much work for something very trival to me; that I decided it wasn't worth trying my hand at swapping the door swing direction.

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