softener goo in front load washer

new2charlottencSeptember 9, 2011

OK I consistently have this issue with my Duet washer. When the machine starts running, I see the softener dispensing down the side of the rubber ring. Then when I take clothes out the drain is FILLED with coagulated softener. It somehow becomes the consistency of a soft cheese or butter and is all gooped up in there. Does anyone have this problem and how do I fix it!!! It stops for a while, but I never know why or why it starts again. I usually use tide he detergent and either snuggle or downy softener. It doesn't matter if it's cold or hot water wash or which cycle I set it on. Any suggestions??

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Before you load your softener tray do you first dilute it with water?

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Softener should always be diluted before using. Even the instructions on my Downy F&S say so. Some people dilute with equal parts vinegar, however I find that my clothes are NOT as soft when the softener is diluted with vinegar. That's why I prefer diluting with water.

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I have never diluted my softners but never had an issue before. (except back in the day when I didn't have softner dispenser built into the machine.) I did try the suggestion though, but no help. As soon as I closed the drawer. The softner ran out and was immediately "curdling". I ends up down the glass window, which the clothes then rub against and get softner stains from and under the rubber ring into the drain which clogs with it. This is driving me CRAZY!!! I can't figure out why the softener is dispensing at start in the first place!
I called whirlpool. They were no help at all!!!!

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What is the specific model machine involved?

Frontloader softener dispensers (and many toploaders) operate both by an overflow and a siphoning effect. The softener dose sits in the dispenser cup until fresh water flows in and overflows the cup to flush it out ... then when the water flow stops, *most* of the water siphons out to leave the cup empty. If the cup is overfilled with softener or the drawer is closed too fast/roughly that the content is jostled, siphoning may occur prematurely.

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It's a Whirlpool Duet steam. I am definitely not over filling the cup, but, I will pay attention to how "roughly" I am closing the drawer. Maybe that's the problem. Good information. Thanks. Any clue why the softner is "curdling" though? It's soooooo gross!

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Duet 9400....six years....I use Downy....I don't dilute and never have....the product is diluted when dispensed. Actually, that's pretty much how the dispenser works, as dadoes described.

Do not and never have had goo or residue problems with it.

Very clear to me that op's problem as described begins with pre-mature dispensing from the holding dispenser. It's either faulty or is being improperly used in some way. I would advise withholding other thoughts/opinions until that situation is corrected and the dispenser is operating as it should.

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The 100 degree heat in the garage curdled one of my Snuggle brand liquid softners. The heat can do it. I also rinse out my drawer in my kitchen sink when the detergent / softner drawer looks goopy.

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