Need repair help, no heat in GE Harmony dryer!

bookertSeptember 2, 2012

So I've noticed for the past month or two that my dryer

was sometimes not drying. Also hearing some strange noises, hard to describe, but kind of pingy if that makes sense.

Once in a great while ( I line dry and then use a short heat setting to fluff) I notice the heat comes on, again I hear noises, but not the blowers when it finally kicks in.

Well maybe I just don't hear the propane coming in anymore??

I troubleshooted the problem on the main screen. It says to check the fuses and breaker switches.

Where are the fuses on this dryer??

JFYI, I LOVE this dryer as it has the double blower and dries amazingly fast for my needs!

Is this a fairly simple fix and cost effective (dryer is approx. 6 years old) or should I look for a replacement??

Thanks so much for your timely replies as I sooooo need my dryer.

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I know nothing about gas dryers, but . . . Have you checked the vent ducting (that goes outside) to make sure it is not clogged up with lint? That can make a dryer act like a heat element isn't working.

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No, I ran a diagnostic system ck again in the service mode.
It now adds a new possible problem with the therm.... I can't remember how it's spelled.
I'm so bummmed!
Spent most of the day either troubleshooting or looking for a replacement. Sheesh dryers are expensive!
I would like help from those who LOVE their newer dryers!
Thanks much!!

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