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mdodFebruary 8, 2009

I have a recessed display area in an alcove that is 16" deep, 4' wide and 5'6" tall. I want to put a mirror on the back wall and glass shelves 10-12" deep. There are a couple of track lights but I need downlighting for the display since the space is recessed. The studs above break the space into three equal parts. I assume I will need to use three lights because I'd have to put the cans too far to the outside edge to clear the studs if I used only two. I'd like to use LED but they're still too steep so something with bulbs that I could convert to LED later would be great. Any suggestions for what type of lighting to use would be appreciated.

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Use three 12 volt Philips Energy Advantage IR MR16 lamps/fixtures for a display niche like what you've described. LED replacements for MR16s are here now but not quite ready. They need to overcome optics problems and increase light output.

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Thanks dim4fun. Any particular beam angle that you would recommend?

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Choosing a beam angle partly depends on what you expect to see and what you are displaying. Objects on the top shelves block light from reaching lower shelves. Some want even illumination with wide beams and others want dramatic shadowing with narrow beams. If you don't know then you'll have to experiment and see what you like.

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