So confusing--can't decide!

quattroangeliSeptember 20, 2011

I have been researching washing machines for the past several days (including this site) and have narrowed it down to two machines.

I really like the Maytag Bravos MVWB300WQ. The price is right and it is a large capacity washer. I have seen many good reviews on this brand. I am not used to the new high efficiency washers but can get used to it.

I took at look at Home Depot yesterday. An employee offered his advice as to why I would want the LG Wave Force WT5001CW as opposed to the Maytag. This is a newer model and for this, I am thinking I shouldn't try something so new.

Anyone have any input on these two washers? My clothes are piling up and it is making me crazy!! :)

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I have that LG model (since last Sept, so one year now), and I LOVE it. Still. I can wash two queen-sized down comforters at once; or all of the sheets from two beds; or two weeks worth of one person's laundry. I love the cheery tune it plays at the end of the cycle. I haven't had a problem with the clothes tangling. And if you search the reviews for this model, the majority of reviews are very positive.

I can't speak for the maytag; I've never had or used one, nor known anyone who has.

I do know that researching any appliance can be mind-boggling, so I wish you luck!

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I recently purchased a LG WaveForce washer and dryer, and am incredibly pleased with them so far. The option of easily adding extra water or extra rinses to the washer cycle is especially wonderful. I got the washer model with the internal heater and dryer with steam (WT5101H & DLEX5101). A higher end Maytag with an internal heater (requirement in my book) was on my initial list for consideration, but the prices were higher and reviews lower, so I discounted them fairly quickly.

Here is my previous post:

Scroll to the bottom for my initial review.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Initial Review of LG WaveForce Washer/Dryer Set (scroll to bottom)

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I recently bought the Electrolux IQ Touch and I have to admit I love the machine; I look forward to doing laundry every single time. It washes and rinses incredibly well. There have been comments about shavings from the rubber gasket; however, that old tends to be in machines which are not perfectly level. I've been extremely happy; I guess part of the reason was because I got it at Lowes for $637; about $462 off the suggested retail price :-)

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