3' Pot Lights For Main Floor?

fromwithinJanuary 28, 2010


We just bought a brand new home and were just getting the pot light layout done.

The whole main floor (foyer/kitchen/great room) will only have pot lights (recessed lights). So is a 3" pot light big enough for this?

For example our kitchen is 15'x15 we have 8 pot lights and 3 pendants, as well as our vent hood has 4 lights..our great room is 15'x18' and i also have 8 pot lights in there..there all basically spread out 4' apart from each other?

Should i go bigger? I need to tell my builder, as they are doing the rough-ins, so i need to know the size


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3" cans would need to be about 3' apart on the ceiling to get an even spread of light on the floor given 8' ceilings. I think you should be looking at 5" cans. 3" cans have a limited wattage too low to be much if any good beyond 8' ceiling height. 5" cans will take up to a 75w bulb, or 55w halogen, which is a lot of light in comparison.

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