Recessed Lighting Question

bto24January 18, 2009

We are going to be purchasing about 36 recessed lights for our home. I was wondering if anyone can direct me or share with me a check list of everything we need to make sure we have? Also, what is common right now as far as size? These are for our great room, hallways, and outdoors in the soffits. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

What is the best place to purchase them?


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IMO, having installed more cans than I care to count, I would use 6" cans for general ambient light. I would light them with IC floods. 4" "wall washers" are often used for down lighting or to highlight art. Depending on the size and length of the hallway, you might want to consider sconces. We recently did outdoor soffit cans using 6" cans. they were out of the weather.

Don't know where you live. The big box stores carry a complete line usually HALO brand. If you have any lighting stores in your area that would be a good place to start. Lamps Plus and lights Fantastic are two regional stores. You may have others in your area.

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I am looking to install 10 Halo 4" Recessed lighting fixtures -bulb types are 40W - in my apartment (livingroom and bedroom) I am on a 4th floor of a 7 floor building. Would they be a fire hazard?

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They would need to be IC rated most likely. Check the manufacturer to determine if this is an available option. Also check with your local building codes to determine if IC rated is a requirements. Some building codes allow you you to install a box around the fixture comprised of two laters of drywall.

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I Have a problem with folks piggybacking another person's post. It's pretty simple to start your own!

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I am looking to change the baffle trim only on my 6" existing recessed lights. I need over 50 of them so it gets pretty expensive using the name brands. About 5 years ago I bought 1 sample from a company that advertised in the back of a magazine for only a couple of bucks. I installed it and then got busy with lots of other projects around the house, so I never ordered another. Until now- and of course I have no idea who the company is and can't find them anywhere. I did find Lighting on the Net-and they do have an inexpensive white baffle trim that is universal. Does anyone have any experience with that item. On the DIY forum, someone warned me that they might trurn from white to yellow, but they didn't know from personal experience. The one I have has been fine for 5 years already. Anyone have any answers of suggestions??

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