Crazy Question About Cabinet Color?

gmnolenJanuary 25, 2010

Has anyone ever seen one color on upper kitchen cabinets and another on the bottom. Anyone have pics to share? TIA.

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We have this in our kitchen now, though I don't think photos of ours would be very convincing (ancient cabinets!) :) The stager who got our house ready for sale chose the colors, though---a soft shade for the uppers that matches the wall, and a dark shade for the lowers. Peach and mauve in our case, which I don't recommend...

But generally, I like the effect---the uppers blend into the wall to some degree, and the lowers theoretically complement the rose granite. I think you could do this with a different color palette and have it look quite striking (and we've contemplated mixing gray lowers with white uppers in our new kitchen, too).

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I have been thinking about doing this (or some other variation of multiple colors).

This isn't necessarily a style of kitchen you might like, but here is one shot.

Here is a link that might be useful: green on bottom, off-white uppers

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It can be a nice effect. I have done stained finishes on the lower and painted on the upper (usually close or identical to the wall color) for a couple of kitchens.

I don't have many finished pictures, but here is one that I used to explain the hidden vent hood. The lower cabinets are a dark cherry with black appliances, and the upper correspond with Benjamin Moore Ballet White. The backsplash behind the range is a piece of glass that photographs much greener than it appears in real life.

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Thanks for the ideas. My problem is that I will have to paint the cabs (they are white now). The backsplash is tumbled noce (caramelish color), the granite is dark, uba tuba, and a black silgranite sink. I want to put glass in some of my upper cabinets. It is a galley kitchen with one set of double windows on one end (where the eat-in kitchen area is, and I am worried that the dark cabinets with the dark granite may be too dark. We plan to put can lights in - right now there is a flourescent light and a semi-flush over the table.

Any suggestions?

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I'd like to do this too. It's fashionable without being overly trendy in my opinion and it helps when you have too much white/too many cabinets, as we do (our cabinets are the original 1913 cabinets). While I hear you about the black countertop and sink (not wanting to do more black), you could try something still dark but bold, depending on how brave you are. ;) Red or blue? I like the farmhouse kitchen green color that's out there (don't know else how to describe the look...not forest green...not sage either). I think it's worth a try! You could do one sample door and be prepared to go back to white if you don't like the look once done? Also, some blacks or grays can look great if they have some dimension like have the aged look - depending on how old your kitchen is (or is supposed to look). Do you have any pics you could post?

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Not now, but I will post some tomorrow.

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If you look over in the Finished Kitchens Blog (FKB), aktillery's kitchen is a beautiful example of painted uppers and stained lowers.

Here is a link that might be useful: aktillery's kitchen in the FKB

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Bump . . . Pics and ideas, please?

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Our friend roccocogurl recently did it:

Here is a link that might be useful: Gorgeous gray/taupe kitchen

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I love this look! I was going to point you to aktillery's kitchen but jbrig beat me to it. I know I've seen other kitchens with one color on the uppers and a different color or stain on the base cabs but unfortunately I didn't save the photos or bookmark the web pages so I can't find them quickly.

My kitchen (whenever I get around to remodeling) will have painted uppers (BM Hush, a light tan) and stained, quartersawn white oak base cabs. Stained or medium to dark painted cabinets hide dirt better and light painted uppers blend into the wall. I think it makes a room look bigger.

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Where is boxerpups when you need her?? ; )

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Anyone have more pics to share? I am thinking of doing cream uppers and dark espresso lowers. Does this go best with a lighter granite or darker?

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I had dark knotty pine cabinets in my kitchen that were very oppressive. I painted the uppers white to brighten up the kitchen, and the lowers blue because my kids were messy at the time!(10 years ago) The blue paint would hide their spills and fingerprints.

Then I used a bunch of leftover paint to paint faux tile on the backsplash.
I was able to transform this kitchen with less than 100.00 worth of paint.
My cabinets sorely need to be replaced, they are falling apart. When I do replace them, my uppers and lowers will be different colors still. I will probably have white uppers with hickory wood lowers, and maybe a pale green painted island.

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GirlCat36: I salute your blue kitchen! It's wonderful. The faux tile is particularly distinctive and inspiring. Glory on a budget!

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This is one of my favorite makeover kitchens from Cottage living. Scroll down on the link for more pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Urbangrace blog

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This question is actually pretty common. I posted a pic of our kitchen on the thread linked below, but boxer pups included some gorgeous professional photos.

Ours is black and cream, but our neighbour loved ours and just redid hers in cream on top and a dark brown stain on the bottom. She used a ceasarstone counter with a cream background and flecks of brown in it. It looks gorgeous. I think the key to making this successful is to minimize other elements in the kitchen. The countertop should be either the colour of the cabs or a mix of both without bringing alot of another colour - same with the backsplash.

When we first did it some thought it would get old fast, but I still love it and it's been 4 years. I think I would do it again, if I was to remodel another kitchen. HTH

Here is a link that might be useful: previous thread on 2 tone kitchens

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Thank you, florantha!

Positano--I remember that kitchen well from Cottage Living. I ripped out the page and put it in my inspiration folder!

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