Verbatim (Mitsubishi) LED Lighting

building_a_houseJanuary 28, 2013

My kitchen and lighting designer has told me that currently Verbatim is the best LED lighting for the buck. They are made by Mitsubishi.

What do you think? Experiences?

Other option is EcoSmart by Cree but they don't have the lumen output that the Verbatim has and are roughly the same price.

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The ones I see are bulbs, that screw into a can, which also need a trim. The CREE/Ecosmart CR6 has the trim built in, which makes the price closer. The Verbatim has more lumens at about the same price as the Ecosmart version of the CR6. The color rendering of the Verbatim products I looked up were 80, vs 90 for the CREE.

I suggest buying one of each (Verbatim and CREE), and see how you like the dimming, the color, and the appearance.

I don't see any Verbatim products that have other than a screw-in base, so you must not be needing to pass inspection in California.

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