CFC equivalent for decorative 100W Globe ?

kclvJanuary 24, 2011

The light fixture in my breakfast nook uses a 100W large globe light bulb, approximately 5" in diameter. I have been looking for a CFL replacement. All of the CFL decorative bulbs are smaller, about the size of a vanity globe. I could live with that, but I can find anything brighter than a 75 watt equivalent, which is not bright enough. I can't put a regular spiral bulb in the fixture- it is too harsh.

Does anyone know where I could find a CFL replacement bulb?

Maybe I should start stockpiling the incandescent bulbs before 2014. All the other bulbs in my house are CFLs.

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It appears this is a G40 globe, and I found a couple sources for 23W CFLs, which should be in the ballpark of the 100W incandescents.

You might be stuck buying these online unless you have a lighting store around you.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1000 Bulbs

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Thank you so much for the link, chillcox! That's exactly what I was looking for!

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