Cree CR6 and LR4?

footwedgeJanuary 27, 2011

I will be installing 6 CR6 units in the kitchen and need a unit above the sink area. I was thinking of the LR4. A cabinet will be installed above the sink.

1. Should I use the LR4-15, LR4-30 or stay the the 6?


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I would stay with the 6" While the LR4s are nice, the don't seem that much smaller to warrant the extra cost.

We've just installed 6 CR6s in the dining room/hallways and are about to install 7 more in the kitchen. We thought of replacing two of them over the baking station with LR4s -- until we actually saw them up close. Visually the difference would be minimal in our kitchen.

Good luck!

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Thanks ZacsDaddy. What can and dimmer are you using?

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For the kitchen, I'm going to use the Cree can for GU-24. They are a few bucks more expensive, but I figured might as well have a complete Cree setup. We reused old existing cans for the dining room and hallway.

For dimmers, we're using the Lutron Divas.

I've added a link to our kitchen plan if you're interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our kitchen plan

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Iam still new at this and found this old thread in my searching and learning but the reason you would go with the LR4 despite its minimally smaller size is that they are available in 15 and 30 degree beam spreads which is more desireable in places like over countertops with upper cabinets above. Less glare off cabs, more light concentrated where you are actually are using it. The bulb is recessed deeper which makes the kitchen look better from a different room.

I wish Cree made CR4s with smaller beam spreads and/or wish the LR4s had a 3000 option.

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