1st time convection oven use and I need help.

flseadogJuly 26, 2009

We have a new GE Monogram convection wall oven that I have used only once in the convection mode. Since I've never done convection before could you tell me if this is experience is "normal"? I baked a cake using the regular bake setting at 350 degrees and my oven thermometer read 350 and the cake turned out perfect in the exact amount of time the recipe specified. (I got in the habit of using a separate oven thermometer in my old oven because its performance was so erratic and I thought it would be a good idea to check the new oven to make sure it was okay). The next day I used the convection roast setting to make 2 Cornish hens, the basic supermarket variety. I set the temperature at 350 degrees but after the preheat my oven thermometer read 325 degrees and never went above that temperature. The Cornish hens which weighed about 1 3/4 lbs. each weren't cooked through for about an hour and a half but they were beautifully browned and tasty when done. Here are my questions: 1) is it normal for the temperature to be lower than the actual setting when using convection? The user manual didn't say so anywhere I could find. 2) Did I just misuse the oven in the sense that normally I would have cooked the Cornish hens in my old oven at about 425 degrees for 45 minutes. I guess I'm asking if the convection setting is meant to be used for larger cuts of meat such as a large chicken, turkey or a standing rib roast? Thanks for any tips you can give me.

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I don't know how your GE works, but my KitchenAid convection oven does a conventional-bake-to-convection conversion. If I enter 350 as a bake temp into the conversion utility, it converts it to 325 convection temp.

I do find it strange that your hens weren't finished in that time period. I find that usually convection seems to cook things a little faster.

I think the rule of thumb is to convect at 25 degrees lower than the original bake temperature, and for the same time period.

I love our convection oven. I can bake 4 racks of cookies at the same time, and our roast meats turn out fabulous.

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I've had my convection oven for about 4.5 years now and I love it. Mine is GE too. The convection cooks at a slightly lower temperature and for a slightly shorter time.

I always enter the temperature noted on the recipe, so if the recipe says 350, I punch in 350. The convection automatically sets the oven at 25 degrees less. So, 350 = 325, 425 = 400, etc. And I usually figure on cooking everything about 10% less than the normal time for the recipe.

I would have cooked the Cornish hens in my old oven at about 425 degrees for 45 minutes
So, you should enter 425 for the temp, the oven will heat to 400; and you should figure on the hens being done in about 41 minutes or so. It took some testing and experimentation for me to come up with the 10% and YMMV so you should just get in the habit of checking on things earlier than normal till you see how long things are taking to be done.

Best things about the oven: Browning is beautiful; and I love putting three cookie sheets in at one time and having them all done perfectly instead of having to put in one at a time.

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