3000+2100 Recessed lights different color than UCL?

Brian_KnightJanuary 2, 2014

First off, thanks to Dtay and others. Between GW and the Fine HomeBuilding issue 239 article by Jeff Dross Iam on my way to learning something.

Considering LR4s for our project's recessed cans. Wishing they had a 3000 version but probably going with 2700. Also considering Ew profile for UCL and wishing they had a 2700 to match.

David and others, why do you prefer whiter light for the UCL?

Will the difference of 2700 in the cans and 3000 for the UCL be very noticable?

The cabinets will be alder stained to match a natural walnut which is fairly dark while the countertops will probably be solid surface in yet to be decided color. Thanks!

Edit: Messed up title, I meant 2700 of course.

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Personal preference.

Fluorescent ucl is also cool white.

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