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swimmer58January 30, 2011

It's getting to be time to decide on lighting for our kitchen remodel. We have removed a wall between the kitchen and DR. The kitchen portion is 19'x7.5' with a wonderful view of the ocean. We're going to put in a bank of windows (no upper cabinets). We don't know what to do about lighting. Husband is fighting putting pendants up in front of the windows, but I need task lighting along the counter that is under those windows. I'm not sure can lights will give me good lighting. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Pendants. The amount of usable lighting is dependant on the type and number of pendants installed.
Indirect lighting - molding with light strips on the top, projecting to the ceiling. Fluorescent T8 or T5 lamps/ LED strip lighting can be used.
T8 fluorescent fixtures - probably the cheapest and most unattractive.
LED cans. The light output vs standard CFL cans has to be seen to be appreciated.
LED molding. Would be pretty interesting. Probably the most custom and expensive though.

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Davidtay -- thank you for all the suggestions. We live in a very rural area, far from lighting stores. Trying to figure this all out by looking at websites is not working well for us at all. Now I have something to start searching -- Thanks!

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Davidtay is right that lots of folks don't like the style or looks of linear fluorescent fixtures. However, T8 fixtures provide by far the most efficient, cost-effective, and even task lighting. I would recommend finding a way to use them if you possibly can.

Some folks these days are hiding inexpensive fluorscent strip fixtures behind coves or on top of cabinets and bouncing the light off the ceiling. This provides outstanding indirect light. It might even make the awful shadowy light from recessed cans somewhat tolerable.

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