Please recommend a non-steam washer with overnight soak option

dragonesseSeptember 23, 2013


I've found my whites are never as white as when I can soak them in Oxy Clean overnight.

Which washers offer a long soak option? I only know of the Whirlpool Duet Steam. Any others?

I had the Whirlpool at my old house for about a year before we had to move, and liked it fine, but I never found the steam option useful, so if possible I'd like to not have to spend the extra money on that.

Any recs?


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you could simply turn off the machine after it's filled with water and oxiclean...what makes you think you have to have a special soak cycle?? (put the oxiclean in with the clothes(not in the detergent drawer) and set machine for a hot cycle. in a few minutes you'll have hot water in the machine and then shut it off.

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in the morning, when u turn on the unit, it should automatically drain any water prior to the start of any chosen cycle. (this is not rocket science)

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When I've turned off the machine in the past, it immediately begins to drain the drum. I guess it's a safety feature so you never have a drum full of water sitting there.

Any recs for other brands that offer long soak cycles?

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If you want a machine that will over night soak, I would say get a speed queen top loader. They still have mechanical controls and you can soak laundry for as long as you would like without the machine draining. Good old fashioned proven technology can still be had with this brand.

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if yours does that, than u could simply unplug it. it can't run a drain pump if there is no power..

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It has a big fat plug in the wall and I'm wont to pull it out while the thing is running - who knows what it'll do to the operating system to reset it like that.

I don't know much about top loaders...

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Highly unlikely that any current washer offers an overnight automatic soak.

Those that have a soak function typically max-out at around 30 to 40 mins, and not all of them are that long.

The longest auto-timed soak of which I'm aware over the past 15-ish years is 2 hrs on Fisher & Paykel's EcoSmart agitator toploader (although there may be other brands/models of which I don't know). Their product line on the U.S. market is in the midst of being revamped to include only two HE-impeller models, although if you run-quick you may find an EcoSmart agitator model yet in stock somewhere.

Kenmore had some toploader models in the late 1990s to early 2000s with a Soak cycle that filled, agitated a few mins, then shut off without draining. No such units on the market today. You could perhaps find a used machine (via CraigsList or a local resale shop) if that's what you really want.

As others have suggested, you can pull the power cord for an extended soak so the machine doesn't auto-drain after pausing for too long. The cycle will likely reset upon reconnection to power, but perhaps that isn't considered a problem.

Speed Queen and Hotpoint did offer a very long timed-soak on particular agitator models in the late 1960s or early 1970s. See the soak timer at the left on this Hotpoint machine, 1 to 10 hrs timed soak (after which the cycle continues through wash, rinse & spin) or indefinite Soak/Hold.

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dragonness, what country do you live in? one with 240 volts? a washer in the US has a normal sized plug...and it seems to me you want to keep throwing up barriers to solving your problem. time to get real, and just do what works or go without O/N soaking. for the record I get white rags very, very greasy from automotive work and my Samsung, given all it's faults does a crazy-good job of cleaning, using the proper detergents and cleaning aids without presoaking for hours like u are doing.

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I have a seven hour plus cycle that I use for my whites when there are stains or the laundry is particularly dirty. Don't use oxyclean, just my regular detergent and 90Cel hot temperature during the wash cycle. I have a great Miele that lets me soak overnight; plus let's me select WHEN I want to start the process.
Unfortunately, the 220V machine is no longer available in the US; only the 110V. I have no experience how hot it washes/how well it cleans.

Suffice it to say, most (all?) residential washers these days don't last all that long. A friend of mine had a Miele that was still going strong after twenty-five years of use.

If money is not a problem for you, buy the 15lb. model professional line from Miele. Around $4,000, it has a hot wash cycle of 95Cel plus a number of programs, no American/Asian machine can offer.

P.S. I am not working for Miele, just a big fan of their older (not the big, made for America machines that are now no longer available) washers.

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We ended up buying the Electrolux with steam and to heck with the long soak. The man in the store said that's their best one, so my SO went for it.

Dadoes, I can confirm the Whirlpool Duet Steam does have an 8-hr soak option:

"Up to 8 Hour PreSoak Option
Adds extra time for soaking before the wash cycle starts. When the presoak option is complete, the wash cycle will start automatically. Select 30 minutes, 1 hour, or up to 8 hours of extra soaking time."[WFW88HEAW]-1021331/WFW88HEAW/

Dave, all my washers (here in the US) that I can recall have had a big fat plug. Don't ask me why.

Mitzi, if the washer could heat up to 90+C my life's problems would be solved, but it doesn't. None on the market here do. Mine goes up to 76C I think.

I'm just going to have to accept that if I really want the brilliant whites of my Eastern European childhood, the only way to do it is the way my Mum did it: boil them in a huge pot on the stove.

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Duet 8-hr soak ... nice, a recent programming change, apparently.

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dragonese, I guess the plug varies with mfgr, then. My previous dryer which was electric (ugh) had a heck of a large plug, as does my 220v compressor. :)

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