Convert G24q-based outdoor lights to LED?

rweberJanuary 1, 2010

I have a couple of CFL outdoor lights that use G24q bulbs with 13W each (CF!13W). Each light has its own light sensor and so they basically run throughout the night - which is what I actually want. The issue I have with these is that they are actually a little too bright for what I want and of course I am also interested in lower-energy alternatives, ideally something LED based. Since I like the lights themselves I was hoping to either replace my existing bulbs with some lower-wattage CFL alternative (5-8 watts) or, even better, with an LED-based replacement bulb.

Did a bunch of research on the web and over here in the forums but couldn't find a good answer to this.

Does anybody here have experience with such an 'upgrade' or maybe some suggestions for contemporary/modern outdoor sconces?

Thanks for your help!


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no,because of the base. your CFL uses a 4-pin base, which to my knowledge does not come in an LED version. 13W is a low wattage alternative lamp. The only change would be an 8W as you mentioned or a different fixture.

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