It's All Your Fault GW

TrebruchetJanuary 30, 2014

My parents warned me about your type. Oh, you hook us with a little backsplash help, then it's on to bigger and better things�

Except for a few burned dishes now and then, I thought I was doing pretty well on the coil-top stove that came with the house we bought two years ago. I was always a gas man and I've tried to make do. Now the siren song of induction is playing constantly in my head like a catchy pop song.

The vent in the microwave above the stove seemed to work fine until I started hanging here. When I woke up this morning, I could smell last night's salmon patties. I never noticed anything before.

It's all your fault, GardenWebbers. You know who you are, I don't have to name names. You start hanging around here, and suddenly things aren't what they seemed.

As soon as my bank account recovers, I'll be an official kitchen snob too and you'll have to show me the secret handshake. And where to put the microwave.

P.S.: And don't think I don't know you're secretly communicating with my wife. She's got to be in on this.

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HAHAHAHAHA.... I'm wondering where to put the microwave too!

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You just HAVE to have a microwave drawer!!! They got me too, I have a Sharp microwave drawer on its way to me now!

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Soon you'll be analyzing the color white ...

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There are threads on here on how to ditch the microwave. Think of the money you'll save. (You'll need it for your new induction-compatible cookware.)

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Lol lol lol... Every time I start a sentence with "I read..." My husband interjects and says "let me guess, Garden Web"
We are building new... So GW has affected EVERYTHING!!!

Of course now I have a hole where a full sized refrigerator could be recessed, but since we got a counter depth the hole had to be drywalled ... You know, just in case... in the future. Made room for the second fridge (I had to have) in the pantry. How have I functioned with one fridge!!?! Ha

Lighting... Well I never could have dreamed up a brighter house, but thanks to GW.... And it couldn't just be more lighting, it had to be cans and pendants but arranged such that symmetry was taken into account. Yes my ceiling is visually pleasing and I won't look up ever again once furniture moves in... But it made sense... In theory...

My windows are bigger...
My tile is different...

I love my GW reading sanctuary, just didn't realize how expensive reading can be. Ha!


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I'm hooked too. We need to start a support group. We can all log in as Anonymous.

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It's as bad as Flo.
Don't get people started here about car insurance...

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ahhhhh.... welcome to the dark side, to the crack house known as the TKO! I fell victim 18 months ago. There is no escape, even when you are finished with your project. Because there is always another forum on GW, and another project in the house.

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Excellent post. Thank you Trebruchet for starting it.

@jennybc: new build here, too. Your DH took the words out of my DH's mouth.

My electrician didn't know what a mocket was before he met me. My custom cabinet maker never speced a foot pedal trash opener before he met me. I am getting pushback from my architect on a recessed full sized fridge. And they all have GW to thank as I quietly just stare at their shoes. I am sorry I can't give credit to the GWer who gave that advice. If someone can remember who it was, please chime in.

Thank you,GW!

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Uh oh...what is a mocket?!?

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It's a brand of an electrical pop-up outlet. If you search
for "electrical pop up outlet" you should find a discussion
on this forum or just google "mockett" and it will show
the Gardenweb Forum link.

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@Ranton: a mocket is an electrical outlet thingy that slips vertically into your island countertop so that electric cords don't slop over the edge. I am not at my computer so can't post a link. It pulls straight up by a ring on the top and has either 2 or 3 outlets and pushes down out of the way when not in use. At first I wasn't sold as I was going to go with a marble island counter top but DH is requesting soapstone so I think the mocket (mockett?) will blend in.

Okay. Gotta go visit the appliances forum to see why everyone is ditching their microwave! Lol.


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Let's see...vent hood, air switch, full extension drawers, recessed fridge, ALL drawers, wiring for small fridge and chest freezer and also for mw/crockpot in pantry if we feel like it...

If I had a dime for every time I heard "let me guess, you read it on GW" from dh I'd be a millionaire.

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Trebruchet, marvelous post. I can only add, beware the expensive single bowl sink lurking around the next corner. Before GW, I thought only totally insane people spent $600 on a sink of all things. Finally I yelled "Uncle" and joined the ranks of the TKO. Now a Franke Oceana resides in my kitchen.

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Don't think you're going to be able to stop with just induction and a vent. This is just the beginning.
Edit: typo

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Don't forget the dog or cat - or both -- to match.
I also got a pop up socket, which I hadn't heard of. The electrician hadn't either. He thought it was cool.

Here is a link that might be useful: pop up

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Don't forget the "dissolving walls" caused by GW, too. Sure, we start with existing kitchens, and the next thing you know a wall, or two, or three have disappeared or moved to a new spot, the windows grew bigger, and the old sink is having offspring show up as prep and bar sinks. One thing the TKO gets is just how much it's worth it in the end! Nice post Trebruchet!

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Great post!

Three weeks ago I had never heard of a scullery. Now I am obssessed with having one...all because of GW!

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My kitchen was finished three years ago and I'm still here.... just in case.

My undercounter MW just died so now I can retrofit the cabinet for a MW drawer - Yea!

My cabinet maker and KD had never heard of a pull-out broom closet and I had to explain to them that you take a 6" deep, 84" wide drawer on rails, turn it on it's side and you have a pull-out broom closet. They thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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Ya, because of GW right now my one man shop rural cabinet guy is bending plywood around a range hood frame.

And I quote: "I've never done this before..... it's a real pain in the a%#."

Next he starts on the heretofore unknown to him toe-kick drawers in my base cabs.

I'm sure my DH could relay a laundry list of GW related suffering that he's gone through. (It ain't over yet, baby!)

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blfenton-that IS cool!

Ah yes the single sink. Want one, will have one, not sure I can sway the mister to get the exact one I want...$$$.

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All so funny!!

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Great post! Whenever the slightest doubt about anything, I come here to check out possibilities.

Am early in the reno process, but have caught myself saying to the electrician: so how do others do it? and then I produce a photo. Haha!

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Just WAIT until you HAVE to have the Meile built-in coffeemaker!!! Look out Mr. Coffee!!


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Its not that people are ditching the microwave, its that people are ditching the over-the-range microwave/vent because the supposed vent part of it is generally felt to be noisy, anemic and worthless, especially if it is set up in recirculating mode. So GW wisdom is in order to get a vent that actually works, ditch the over-the-range microwave/"vent" and install a a powerful vent hood with ducts to the exterior. However that leaves the quandary of where to put the microwave.

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Marcolo gave the excellent advice of staring at their shoes. It is a GW classic!

Here is a link that might be useful: Stare at Their Shoes

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I just realized if we go with soapstone, our cat will match our kitchen! Wow, how easy was that decision!!

DH thinks I will be over GW after our build. uh oh....sounds unlikely. Now if I could only find a reason to install a drawer on its side on rails.....just to drive my KD a little more crazy.

Oh, so that's the microwave quandary. Isn't that why they invented the speed oven? lol. Getting one of those, too. DH hates. HATES. our OTR micro. Yes, it is he that wants the big, humongous hood with external blower. There is a GWer lurking deep within him.

Thank you chiefy76 for giving Marcolo the credit. Where has he been?

Don't forget the fantech hood silencer.

It's a slippery slope.

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Don't worry Deedles, next year your rural cabinetry guy will be telling his new clients that he's the only one in town who can do these things, now that you've forced him into the learning curve.

GW just encourages the further pursuit of excellence!

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Ha ha so true and Funny.
MY KD and contractor are so impressed that I am well prepared and also ask for few things that they don't expect a client to ask or come up with :)

My DH on other hand may be happy when I stop increasing our budget from the stuff I read here.

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You'll very soon be looking at the Electrolux induction range and we'll tell you all about the quirks of the front.

And it's where to build in the microwave. Or whether to chuck it and get a combi speed oven.

This post was edited by rococogurl on Fri, Jan 31, 14 at 16:05

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Here here, the lure of what's big and new and shiny can make you crazy. Give you a pang like, why didn't i do that? Wait maybe i still can? Just dip unto that extra 5k that I don't have lying around. I totally hear ya. Just keep perspective and think of everyone else's homes in the real world. Enjoy what you have!

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@honu3421 I know the right word to use when I ask for that cool thing I saw in kitchen photographs on GW for electricity that pops-up from island counters! Thanks!

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Great thread, and Redroze, thank you for the dose of reality. I just reread your post to my husband. I am doing several things I have learned on here already, such as the single sink, and more drawers. Maybe even a range hood, only I really do not know where to put the microwave! I can't do many of the amazing things I see others posting. I appreciate the genius and beauty of the kitchens posted on here. And I need to remember to love the kitchen I do have while utilizing what affordable tips and tricks I can do. :-) This is an awesome site, and it is the many generous, awesome people who make it this way.

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I just found GW last year right after we finished our house build. kitchen and all. I loved my new kitchen until I found this forum. I've tried to put it all in perspective but there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about what I should have done:(. It's all your fault GW. (I love this forum):)

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CUTE post love it lol.

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I was looking for the like button for this thread! My DH is tired of my GW finds. The main one being the Lacanche range...I heard (saw) about it here first!

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Oh Trebuchet, you are so right! I'm so very happy I found GW for my kitchen, I adore my tapmaster, utrusta, vitamix and horsehair brush.....but I'm not even gonna visit the bathroom forum before completing my low budget refresh lest I learn too much there, too!

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Yes. I can honestly say that GW is responsible for many upgrades to my appliances at the expense of my bank account - I just had to have "it" lol. Great thread. My bank account is still recovering too. :)

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So true and DH rolls his eyes as well.
I found GW after I ordered my cabinets but still incorporated many items and suggestions from GW.
Almost 2 years since reno and still addicted. Technically it is not really finished as still working on my broken drawer resolution - that's my story and I am sticking with it!
I had a chance to see several GW kitchens last year - that was so fun to see and meet others.
Great and fun thread!

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It's true... You may THINK you have a design for your kitchen, even after working with a designer but one post here will turn it right on its head after 400 other people and designers have a look at it.

Step two is being converted from believing in open cabinet space to drawers. Our home's 2 drawers vs. 3 debate and Google Sketchup session is today at 2:30 and light refreshments will be provided.

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Tre, don't know if you've made any decisions re:the microwave, but I've been thinking of moving mine to the side/end of the *bottom* cabs. I don't use it daily, once a week if I'm lucky, and would like to redo the range hood, so woud need to remove the microwave. Just some food for thought

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shicksal: LOL.

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