two ceiling lights in small entry?

SusanCFJanuary 30, 2012

We are remodeling and have enclosed an existing front porch to become a front entry to our home. The new entry space is 6 1/2 feet deep by 13 feet wide. The two doorways (from the front yard and into the living ) are at the right side of the entry.

Our architect designed this space with a single, centered, ceiling light. I was thinking that it would look better with two lights, each about 40" from its side wall. My thinking is that there would then be illumination (almost) directly both over the person entering or leaving, and also at the farther end of the space, where we will likely have plants or a decorative feature.

Whether we have one light or two, we are planning to have only one switch, with a dimmer.

Any comments? The architect says two lights may look crowded in this small area. I am thinking that two recessed lights would be less obtrusive than a single ceiling mounted fixture and that the light distribution will be better,but that's just a gut feeling. My husband is ducking out of this :-) and will go with what I recommend.

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Assuming that the lighting requirement is 20 lumens per sq ft, The area would need ~ 1700 lumens (rounded up from 1690).

Based on that number and assuming the use of either a Cree CR4 or CR6 (max advertised output of 575 lumens), you're looking at 3 to 4 cans since the dimmer will likely shave off 5% (~546 lumens).

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Thanks for the reply. After talking to the contractor, we decided to go with two ceiling mounted but not recessed lights, to get a better spread of the light. We'll just have to choose very low-profile fixtures to avoid that crowded look.

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