technical help replacing recessed lighting

novacat_2010January 24, 2013

i am replacing 2 recessed ceiling lights because one of them didnt work at all and the other one would blow the bulb after about 2 weeks. my son took out the guts and i thought it would be fairly easy to repair whatever was wrong with the electrical and replace with new ones. the ones i had were the eyeball type. the rough openings in the ceiling measures 6 1/2". i am left with the electrical wires capped and dangling from the 6 1/2" holes. i would love to have the recessed lighting with the satin nickel baffles. after scouring lighting sites, it looks like the ones i want measures 6" ( and smaller) my question is would the "trim" around the rough opening (once installed) cover up the excess diameter? i really dont want to get into sheetrock work.

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Look at the finished dimensions for the trim that you like. It should have a dimensions for the rough opening and also the diameter of the trim (outside to outside). Usually there's about 1/2' or so of lip on each side of the trim. Here's a link for a trim I found with 7 3/4" diameter, which leaves plenty of slop when installing the housing.

Here is a link that might be useful: 6

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You also are very likely to need 'remodel' fixtures instead of 'new work' fixtures.

Remodel fixtures are designed to be installed through the rough opening, unlike 'new work' fixtures.

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so i buy the housing and trim separately, got it. so now i'm comparing the depth of the remodel housings i see online to the can (housing) that i kept from the old one. this old one measures 5 3/4" in depth (and 6 1/2 in diameter) what? i guess i should mention that i have these lights on a sloped ceiling. when they were installed (1986) it was new construction. but i didnt think to mention about the slope because this can and the old trim (eyeball) didn't look like the ones i see online for sloped ceilings, like an angle cut... the one that i took out were just a regular can shape. i did learn from my searches that i would need a gimbal lamp so i could direct the light straight down, right? so sorry for being sooo uneducated about this whole thing and thank you so much for your responses.

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It is not necessary to use a gimbal fitting to direct the light straight down.

For example
Halo H47ICAT 6-Inch Housing for Sloped Ceilings (not remodel housings)

Remodel housings are typically used with horizontal ceilings since the housings need to clip onto the ceiling board in a way that does not put undue pressure on one point and possibly break it.

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Assuming that only the guts were removed (unscrewed), the basic can should still be in place. Check the wiring to ensure that it is working fine/ track down the issue first.

There are kits available to convert cans into pendants, for example

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whew! project done. not much of a project after all. i wound up with shallow housing and the satin nickel eyeball. thanks to all for your help

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