can you put a string of light fixtures on the same timer?

cheerpeopleJanuary 22, 2011

This might be a silly question but LMK anyway.

Can I have several different ceiling lights and a few pendent lights all set to come on and shut off at a certain time AND have some way to override it if I want to have one stay on but not all?

We are building in the spring, I'm not the last one to bed, and I live with a family that goes to sleep leaving lights on and wasting power.

thx for your thoughts

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Any lighting control system can do this such as Lutron Homeworks, Vantage, Radio Ra, Zigbe based stuff, UPB or Insteon, etc. Some of these are dealer only and others are DIY.

You can also use vacancy sensors with switches or dimmers such as Maestro wireless or you can use timers with on/off switches.

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