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dkfiedlerSeptember 28, 2013

I am in need of serious help. We are having major washing machine issues, Our clothes are coming out with all sorts of smells and clean clothes come out worse than when they went in. I put them in the dryer as soon as they are done washing, if they sit longer than 10 min they smell awful. When we first got the washer it worked amazing, but the last 6 months have gotten worse. We have used multiple kinds of laundry detergent, Tide, All, and the Kirkland. We prefer to use a free and clear bc my son has severe eczema but have had to resort to tide to get clothes mildly clean. But his legs are suffering as a result. I leave the door open and wipe out the gasket after each wash and run the pure cycle once a month, I also run bleach threw it regularly and now help. What am I doing wrong how I can i get our clothes clean? I just washed a brand new load of winter clothes in our washer yesterday, never been worn and they smell horrible, so bad I can't get the stink out. If you need any more info i'll be glad to post.

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Maybe (just saying "maybe") you are using too much soap and or softener. I have a Samsung 520 for more than 2 years and it is as clean smelling (ie, no smell) after all this time and we use the thing every day or two. I dilute softener about 4:1, use mostly tide free and clear or the black woolite. 1/2 of a measuring cup (that came with large bottle of tide) of detergent per load.

also, I SLIGHTLY increased the water level by adjusting the pressure sensor to give a little more water as when the washer was new the clothes would be wet during a wash but there was no puddle of water. Now the water comes up to the metal rim. it takes all of 10 minutes or less to adjust the sensor located at the top right front, under the top panel. turn it CLOCKWISE to increase water level. start with a 1/2 turn and run a load. check the water level during the middle of the wash cycle and see if it is about level with the metal rim of the drum with a moderate or small load of laundry.

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follow up: it is important not to increase water level much or the clothes won't tumble during agitation. they wont get clean if they just sit in a large puddle of water with the paddle skipping past them. the clothes must be lifted up and over and that requires that the water level be quite modest.

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Thanks dave1812 I will have my husband try with the pressure sensor! I appreciate any help I can get. We have tried various amounts of soap... husband tends to try and overuse bc he thinks extra soap will help, but in the long run seems to make things worse, I have had to make the cup with marker so he knows how far to fill it up. And no softener used just vinegar.

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ah, I marked a cup too with a magic marker shortly after we got our FL, as neither one of us really knew how much detergent we were using and quickly realized we were using too much, so I had to run the Pure Cycle more than once every couple of weeks. This YEAR, I've only run it 2 or three times, and not because I noticed anything untoward going on.

Your hubby can find a video on Youtube re the sensor, but PLEASE don't follow the directions to turn the screw six turns. that will make the washer use tons of water and more importantly the wash won't come out as clean due to the clothes-sitting-in-a-puddle effect. Tell him to leave the cover off until he has run a couple of quick loads to verify the water height if more than one adjustment is necessary.

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oops. I wrote the Pure Cycle sentence in a confusing manner. What I meant to say was that I used to run the PC at least once every couple of weeks---NOT that I ran it several times in a couple of weeks. :)

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