wall sconces on halls of your home-pic pls

cheerpeopleJanuary 22, 2011

I'm hoping you have pics to share of the use of wall sconces in your rooms or halls. I'd like to see a whole wall pic ( with a few sconces) rather than a closeup of just a single fixture.

I think this is the look I want but , other than the wide halls of hotels, haven't seen it much in the narrower halls of homes. Not much that I can google.

If you can help me that be great.

If you know the type of light, or price of fixture include that too, like fluorescent, or 60W or whatever info you can share, would be nice.

We are building in the spring. Thx.

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really.... nobody is doing wall sconces?

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I have wall sconces on each side of my entry door. Can't find a pic that I have on my computer tho :( mine are polished brass (colonial) which aren't "in" now since my house was built in the '90s, but I love them. We keep them on all evening (I like my foyer lit even tho we don't really spend time there) so we're looking at getting some LED bulbs to put in them. As far as a hallway, I remember seeing them in several movies - Christmas vacation and Home Alone come to mind (maybe cuz we havent watched many movies since Christmas LOL)

If you go to the kitchen forum, and ask for "boxerpups" to find pics for you she will have tons to share. She's awesome like that.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

You might also get several replies at The Home Decorating Forum as it is a 'very' active forum.


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