Need advice on recessed lighting

liljensterJanuary 23, 2010

Lighting experts, I need your help. We are doing some updates to our house and my husband and I are clueless about lights.

1. We have a long hallway that currently has 2 globe lights in it that look like they are from 70's. I planned on replacing them with modern flush/semi-flush lights. We have recently painted darker color and now realize how bright the area is by light fixture, while rest of hall is dark creating unpleasant shadows. I am guessing replacing the fixtures as intended will not fix this. Never noticed before with off-white paint. My husband's solution is to install six 3" can lights down hall to have "continuous" light with no shadows. Not sure if will fix problem?

2. We bought 6" can lights for kitchen and bought the corresponding number for the bulbs as instructed. After getting home, we realized they are halogen bulbs and family is telling us not to use those because they get too hot?

What do can lights normally use incandescent, fluorescent?

I'll be honest, in both areas I just concerned about "pleasant" lighting. I know I tend to like incandescent bulbs better but I know that they are not as energy efficient as fluorescent or LEDs. I tend to think that fluorescents are harsh lighting and LED's are too cool/blue looking. I'm sure there are a lot of options out there that I am unaware of, but we are on a budget so Lowe's and Home Depot are pretty much our options. Sorry so long, I am just so confused.

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Its true as your family members told 'halogen bulbs' will be too hot..

Coming to the best part as your husband plan was nice but too much of lights in hall will never look cool .. If you wanna use it, the look will be pretty ordinary and looks like you done it for a reason.. So my advice is to use as your wish 3" bulbs and use them randomly the main place lights and these will be operated randomly.. so that these will be for decoration... if you want more.. you can check out the things..


Here is a link that might be useful: Lighting

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I wonder if halogen really gets too hot. My house is full of recessed halogen spotlights, no problem with that. Doesn't the instruction page for the can lights mention anything?

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