New Maytag Bravos Coming?

bert76September 7, 2011

Does anybody know if there are new Maytag Bravo washers coming out? When I went on the Maytag site last week, some of the HE TL models were gone - my concern is the 850 with the internal heater. Now I can't seem to look up any HE TLs on the site.

Also, what's the difference between regular Bravos and Bravo Xs?

I'm having no luck with the Maytag customer service line.



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All your questions have been answered in the previous Bravos threads. Why don't you read them?

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Yo, Bert....a little effort, please.

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Wow. I did read through them but there's so much non-pertinent information that I thought it would be helpful to have a concise, on-topic thread with facts rather than speculation and holier-than-thou opinions. Clearly this site has devolved away from useful user-generated content to a site for frustrated sales personnel since I was here years ago.

By the way, I finally did get through to Maytag. For other actual consumers seeking straight-forward answers without all of the attitude and hidden sales tactics found on this site, I suggest going straight to the manufacturer.

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"sales tactics" ... did I read that right??? Whoa ... didn't get that from any of the posts I read regarding your questions.

@bert76, you didn't clarify what Maytag told you. I too thought your questions were answered on the other thread so found it strange you posted again here. You didn't like the answers? I don't get it ...

Anyway, I'm curious if the answers you received were what Maytag told you. You seemed to leave out that information which makes your thread here useless for anyway searching for information.

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Gee Bert, I hate to break it to you but I'm not a sales person. I don't even work in the appliance industry. All the information provided in previous Bravos threads are readily available to anyone with a computer and internet connection.

Most people can sort out relevant information from personal bias. Can't you?

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