freestanding craft/sewing lighting

Molly AdamsJanuary 15, 2014

i am looking for a tall, freestanding floor light to use when i do fine stitchery. i have looked at ott brand from joanne fabrics. they run from $100 - $300 and usually a 40-60% coupon is available, but haven't really seen much else around. any experience or recommendations out there? i am disabled and can't afford to get the wrong one, so i need to get it right the first time. i thank you for any help you can provide.

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If you could supply a link to the particular Ott that you like, it would be best. My impression of Ott is that they were ahead of their time a long time ago. When fluorescent lamps were very poor at color rendering and very red/yellow in color, they were a breath of fresh air with a more natural, outdoor-like color and superior color rendering.

Now, modern triphosphor lamps are more highly available at higher color temperatures and may have left Ott in the dust. It is very difficult to tell. From what I have seen, Ott gives very few details that relate to standard metrics for light quality. "Full spectrum" is not a well-defined term. Ott replacement lamps tend to be very expensive compared to a high CR (90 or so), high color temperature (5000 or 6500) lamp that is probably equal or better to the Ott.

That all said, from what I have seen in the past, the Ott luminaires seem to be good quality. I've not inspected any made in the last 10 years or so. I guess that might not be much help.

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Molly Adams

this is the lampâ¦(i am recovering from surgery and using a laptop that i'm not familiar with, so i didn't know how to paste a link⦠) Ott-Lite TrueColor 24W Craft Plus Floor Lamp features a contemporary silhouette that complements your living room as well as office decor. Whether you are working on a sewing project or reading a book, this lamp offers perfect brightness to suit your requirement. It has a flexible neck that can be adjusted for your convenience and a sturdy base that supports the lamp on a flat surface. This floor lamp is fitted with an energy-efficient tube that lasts for 10,000 hours.

Brand: Ottlite Lighting
Includes energy efficient tube
Dimensions: maximum height: 49 inches; minimum height: 42.5 inches; base diameter: 12 inches
Wattage: 24 WHD tube
Energy Efficient: To last up to 10,000 hours
Lowest usage point: 42.5, highest usage point: 49
Sturdy base, yet lightweight for easy portability
Replacement bulb or tube: b24553.

what is another brand i might look into, please? Thanks so much for responding.

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I am quite sure that the specs OTT builds their lights for for Joanns and other big box stores are different than the specs they use for lighting stores and independent stores.

I have an OTT light floor lamp purchased from Eunice Farmer Fabrics in St Louis several years ago that performs very well, except for a design flaw that makes the frame fragile at the extension rod - and OTT has replaced this for me twice, once when I broke it by putting too much tension on it, once when my son did the same thing. The light is good and the lamp is attractive. (They discontinued the design a long time ago).
At the time I was working at that store, (my post retirement "fun job") and a shipment came in that OTT immediately recalled saying that wasn't supposed to be our stock, that it was meant for Joanns and was built to a different spec to sell at a different price point.
I recently bought a tabletop OTT light from a big box store and I have to say the quality is far inferior. The casing material is cheap and the screw that holds the lamp part up horizontal to the table constantly comes loose and the light part sags.

I look forward to seeing what other lighting might be suggested, as I too am going to be in the market for some sewing lighting when our new build is finished.

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I've had several Ott lights. The fixtures are awful, they fall apart. I finally freed myself from their high price/very low quality when I realized that I could order the same, or better full spectrum, high kelvin bulbs to fit lamps that I already owned.

For my purpose, I used a flexible arm lamp that clamps onto my desk. I bought mine at Ikea for $13, then bought a 13w Full Spectrum bulb for under $10 at I now have the best sewing crafting light IâÂÂve ever owned.

You could do the same thing, only for a floor lamp. There are lots of companies that sell good bulbs now, IâÂÂve included a link to where I got mine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

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Molly Adams

thanks everyone. my guy bought me an ott and i am happy with it for now.but i will try athomesewing's for the next one.

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My 93 year old MIL loves to read and do needlework. I am not sure which Ott lamp she had from JoAnn but hers was would frequently just turn off. At first she thought the light bulb was burning out but the replacement bulbs did the same thing.
We replaced the Ott lamp with the one in the link below. She really likes it. My brother in law who has macular degeneration also has the First Street full page lighted magnifier and says it is great and makes reading so much easier.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lighted magnifier

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Molly Adams

badgergirl, thanks for the info. could you check the link, please? it's not working for me. thanks again.

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Sorry it doesn't work for you. It works when I click on it. The lamp is from and called their lighted full page reading magnifier.
Try copying and pasting this

They have lots of other items in their catalog for assisting people as they age.

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Molly Adams

thank you, that link worked for me.

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