Feedback on kitchen recessed lighting layout

jacob-mdJanuary 3, 2013

1951 split-level house in MD, small 8x12 kitchen. The current lighting is a 1990-vintage track with large transformers to feed 12V spotlights; my DS really dislikes track lighting. I have a couple different types of undercabinet lighting - some adhesive LED strips, a small tube fluorescent over the sink, and a large CFL in the stove hood.

There are cabinets on both sides of the room, and a soffit above the cabinets.

Thinking of switching to the Home Depot CR6 6" LED can inserts. By the math, 7 or 8 of these give me 35 lumens in the space. 3500K would be nice, but I don't want to pay the premium for the Cree-branded CR6s. Considering the Home Depot 5000K CR6 as one option.

I played with one of the 2700K Home Depot CR6 lights in a handheld socket - just one doesn't seem that bright, but I'm assuming this would be better with 7 of them.

I do have attic access to use new construction cans, but there's a joist right over the front edge of the counters - joist spacing is the dotted lines in my drawing. The roof slopes down to the right in the picture, so I probably can't get a can any closer than 3' to the right wall.

DS would probably be happy with a modern fluorescent fixture in the center of the ceiling and better under-cabinet lighting.

Thoughts, particularly on layout or other options?

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Have you looked at the LED recessed lighting discussion thread? There is a lot of information in there.

It would be a better idea to use UCL from the same manufacturer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recessed lighting guide

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